Austin Wolf Pounds Another Butt For Hot House, and It’s Hunter Page’s

This week you’re going to get to see Austin Wolf in another lightly leathery feature from Hot House, which seems to have morphed into the kinkier, all-sex division of the Raging Hot Falcon empire.

Gone are the innocent days of Trunks and Palm Springs pools (which would be the natural habitat of Falcon Studios), and now it’s all harnesses and chain-link and boots and crazy fucking alien dildos.

Last we saw Austin it was in the prequel to The Urge – Pound that Butt, which was titled The Urge – Huntin’ For Ass, and the ass he was pounding was Alexander Gustavo’s.

Now, on Thursday, September 3, we’ll get the release of the final installment of The Urge – Pound That Butt, in which big-dicked twink Hunter Page rides Austin’s dick and takes a firm pounding on a box, choke-hold and all. This is the scene we got the behind-the-scenes peek of back in May (after Hunter decided to end his porn hiatus), and it is pretty hot.

Check out Hunter all grown up in his athletic gear.














[Hot House: The Urge – Pound That Butt, Scene 4] (out Sept. 3)
[Hot House: The Urge – Huntin’ For Ass]

6 thoughts on “Austin Wolf Pounds Another Butt For Hot House, and It’s Hunter Page’s”

  1. Hunter is truly gorgeous the guy cannot look bad. I watched a video of him driving down the road eating french fries and talking and I was drooling(not of the fries). His scenes are hot and I am glad he is back…can’t wait to see more of his stuff.

  2. Russell Mccullough

    Do these hot young bottoms fail to realize they are more in demand the smoother and younger they appear? JP Dubois, Mike Demarco, Johnny Rapid..yall have many twink years left if you keep the body shaved and dont overdo the working out.

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