Bray Love Signed As New NakedSword Exclusive

This week, NakedSword Originals signed their second new exclusive model of the season — after the recent signing of Killian James — and that is sexy, blue-eyed twink Bray Love.

Bray, 23, has been in the industry for five years and recently signed with Trenton Ducati’s Ducati Models, as well as coming on staff with mr. Pam’s production team at NakedSword, and he’s only recently done his first shoot with the studio in the upcoming release, On the Lookout — the feature that had the working title Voyeur, also starring Killian James, Sebastian Kross, Logan Moore, and Adam Ramzi.

NakedSword CEO Tim Valenti says, “Bray is a sexy, smart, stunning specimen of a young man. He’s going to grow into one of the best NakedSwordsman ever.”

NSexclusive_BrayLove_w2-400mr. Pam says that the idea to first cast him came after he randomly lent her a hand on the streets of San Francisco one day (after they’d known each other for a few years). “I was tired and had to unload my car on busy Market Street. Bray Love appeared out of nowhere and helped me unload a ton of stuff into my house. He was such an angel at that moment, plus those eyes and swagger got me. I wanted to cast him immediately.”

“I love guys that love having their photo taken,” she adds, “And he loves being photographed. It’s a perfect match! I’m so inspired by his looks, plus he’s become a really good friend. I’m super excited to see what’s to come in the next year. We’re going to create some amazing art!”

The Sword sat him down for a couple of quick questions today.

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Santa Rosa, and raised in Oregon. And then slowly moved down to San Francisco. I was going to school in Yuba City studying web design, and then came to City College in SF and studied business and marketing, and photography.

How long have you been doing porn?

Since I was 18, so five years, but last year I took a break for a year. I just didn’t say anything or make any announcements because I didn’t want to be one of those people who says he’s retiring every other year. [laughs]

Where was your first shoot and what was it like?

My first one was in Madison, Wisconsin, and it was a whole movie of just me blowing guys and eating cum. It was for Blue Alley Studios. [Title: Madison Cum]

And how many shoots have you done so far with NakedSword?

I’ve only done one: On the Lookout. It’s about to be released. The scene was with Austin Keyes, he’s a newcomer. Freaking huge — six foot six. He walked in the room and I was like OH MY GOD he’s going to destroy me. The shoot was really good… his dick was humungous so parts of it were painful. There are parts where I was probably crying a little bit — I wasn’t acting!

And you’re also working behind the scenes with mr. Pam? What’s that been like?

I’ve been her production assistant for about a month now. It’s been pretty awesome aside from the incident where we got kicked out of the restaurant — and I actually went back there last night because I left my backpack there, and [the two gay owners] hooked me up with all this free food and stuff. But anyway, it’s been great! I love mr. Pam. Her energy is amazing.

What was your reaction to getting signed as an exclusive?

It’s just really exciting because it means I must have done a good job the first time out. I was actually really shocked when they told me. I love mr. Pam and the whole NakedSword family, and my agents, and I’m really excited to start this new chapter.

We just wrapped Biggest Catch, and I think they’re setting up my first shoot as an exclusive sometime in the next week or two.

Who are your dream scene partners of the moment?

I really really want Topher DiMaggio. And Sebastian Kross, who’s in On the Lookout. And Pierre Fitch.

Anything you want to add?

I’m really excited and I can’t wait to see everybody at the Grabbys!






[NakedSword: Bray Love]



8 thoughts on “Bray Love Signed As New NakedSword Exclusive”

  1. Finally someone is going to turn him into a star… it’s a long time coming. Those eyes and how dirty he gets is such a turn on. Love him in the Pumphouse vids, taking loads through gloryholes and the like :)

  2. Ive been following Bray on twitter for a while and he’s one of the good guys, many congrats and I look foward to seeing his work on NakedSword

  3. Love Bray. He is very sexy looking. It’s in the eyes. Hope he gets his wish to do some scenes with Topher DiMaggio and Sebastian Kross. Bray, you’ve got enough tats.

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