brent corrigan jack hunter flip fuck naked sword

Brent Corrigan Conquers All

Today that list of conquests includes his career, love life, a flip fuck with Jack Hunter and finally, his “Ultra Fan”.

Falcon Studios Group exclusive Brent Corrigan is a lot more than a gay porn star. Accordingly, as its writer, director, and star, “Ultra Fan” continues to be much more than a just a gay porn film. It was apparent in the first scene: Brent wasn’t opting for a nuanced, multi-layered plot or hot men having hotter sex: he was giving us both, every time.

That fact has never been more apparent than today when “Ultra Fan” from NakedSword Originals reaches its climax and induces another one from us right along with it.

brent corrigan jack hunter flip fuck naked swordThe past. The future. Love. Lust. Career. And fans who think they know better than Brent himself what he needs has been more than just the fuel of “Ultra Fan”. It gave Brent the opportunity to share pieces of his own journey to the place where he is right now: centered, accomplished, and never looking better. And though Falcon Studios Group exclusive JJ Knight may be his leading man in real life, today Jack Hunter is the object of his affection. Today, finally, everyone gets what they need.

brent corrigan jack hunter flip fuck naked swordWith an ankle bracelet that shocks him into obeying, Brent has been at the mercy of his crazed “Ultra Fan”. As it turns out, his final test revealed what he denied all along: his feelings for his assistant, Jack Hunter. No wonder seeing him terrorized by Sean Duran in the back of that van affected him so deeply. Brent is now ready to call his own shots again. And they start with Jack.

brent corrigan jack hunter flip fuck naked swordWith the incriminating evidence against him now burned, it’s burning desire that Brent gives into now. Neither Jack or Brent is any slouch in the cock department to begin with. Both of their cocks are as big and bloated as I have ever seen them. A fact Jack’s ass is the first to corroborate.

brent corrigan jack hunter flip fuck naked swordBrent is more than a gay porn star. But when it comes to gay porn, there’s no bigger star. Today, he gives us reason after reason why that has never been truer.

brent corrigan jack hunter flip fuck naked swordAs for his heavy load, big cock is the reason for that today. Then it’s Jack turn to cream Brent’s hole. Making sure he never forgets this moment, he licks up every drop of his own seed right from where he just made his deposit.

And that, guys, is how you really become Brent Corrigan’s “Ultra Fan”.

[Watch Brent Corrigan & Jack Hunter in “We Did This All For You” from “Ultra Fan” at NakedSword]

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brent corrigan jack hunter flip fuck naked sword

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4 thoughts on “Brent Corrigan Conquers All”

  1. Okay, its fine and even slightly amusing for those of us who have paid for Mister Corrigan’s already extremely filthy and sometimes out-right bizarre camming antics; after all who could ever forget watching what happened with that fourteen-inch yellow squash and the completely wrong end of a Jar-Jar Binks costume in the trunk of that ’64 Chevy Impala – and believe me we all do try to forget it!
    But come all Hell and high water talk about missed opportunities in a big-budget major action-adventure theatrical blockbuster cum-back release!
    I mean who the among all the queer Porngods high atop Mount ChiChi doesn’t want to see a still hunky Brent Everett back where he belongs – pounding his thick cock way up inside a joyously screaming Brent Corrigan’s prettyboi arse?!!!
    Happily remembering all those mid-2000’s afternoons when we’d run home from high school put on the Brents’ DVD and jerk-off over and over again until our parents arrived home to a familyroom splattered floor to celling with teenjizz.
    Me; right now, I’m still day-dreaming of three entire mid-2000’s semesters when (back before everyone knew I was bi) my school’s erstwhile homophobic running back was laying face-down on my bedroom floor giggling while full of fresh bottom goodness and with my twinkboy cock once again secretly churning open his jock hole… I can’t help it, his name was Brent too.

  2. Brent is splendid with Calvin Banks and Jack Hunter. Not a fan of the threesome. Nakedsword released a scene with Jason Maddox and it’s one of the very best of Brent’s new carreer.
    Expecting, more and more and much more of Brent!

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