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Did Sean Cody Find Prince Charming?

If LogoTV had recruited Sean Cody’s new guy Brysen for “Finding Prince Charing”, their show would feature a guy actually worth looking for.

For the second Monday in a row, Sean Cody has rolled out a serious hottie. Last Monday, Rafael Alencar shelf-butt aside, Dimitry was a major piece of beef. And like a piece of beef, once consumed, he’s unlikey to ever been seen again.

Brysen today is a different story.

“The moans and the heavy breathing were so sexy, we could hardly take it … he’s definitely a keeper!” ~Sean Cody. With good reason, we have a right to be dubious of studio supplied descriptions. But this time, Sean Cody is speaking the truth. Brysen is a laid-back charmer with the looks, smile, abs, glutes, and personality to inject Sean Cody some much needed new blood.

brysen hot solo guys sean cody Very quickly we learn he’s a “small-town” boy who likes outdoors and sports. The first time he kissed a boy and liked it was in his college frat house. He later went back for more. And he liked it.

brysen hot solo guys sean cody“Now I am more open and comfortable with myself … I don’t really worry about what other people think anymore.” ~Brysen

brysen hot solo guys sean codyBrysen has a few tats and a great body. He seems to have a sexy balance of confidence and an exhibitionist streak. Seeing him under the shower dripping wet is likely to have Porter or the same effect on you.

brysen hot solo guys sean codyHe also appears rather adept at putting his ass on display. Please join me in a prayer now he’s not a dedicated bottom. But hey, even if he his, anyone that moves Porter or Curtis out of rotation gets my vote.

brysen hot solo guys sean codyAs good as all of that is, this isn’t solely a personality contest or art gallery. Brysen is as comfortable in his own skin as he is showing it all off on camera. That includes two solid loads that just begs the hope there are more to cum. And with a playmate.

[Watch “Brysen” the Debut at Sean Cody]

Crossing the fingers, they are able to lure him back, who would you like to see Brysen paired with for his first hardcore scene?

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