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CockYourVote: Samuel or Whitaker?

Are you #TeamDoufus or #TeamRufus?

Like Wilson and Grayson before him, Sean Cody adds another car to the dofus train. I hope he proves to be unlike Wilson and Grayson, however, and we never have to endure him again.

Then from ChaosMen comes Whitaker from Texas who has one important quality Samuel doesn’t; the camera loves him more than he loves himself.

Which one makes you CockYourVote: Samuel or Whitaker?

First up we have Samuel from Sean Cody,

“My momma blessed me with one thing, that’s big boy genetics. And a big ass.” At 6’4″ and 240 pounds, that she did. “It’s a ghetto ass booty I hear,” he says in a voice that proves a southern drawl doesn’t make everything sound better. His booty is indeed the best thing about him.

straight men jacking
When it comes to getting his dick sucked, he says, “I have never had anybody ever swallow and I am kind of upset about that.” Maybe that’s because they couldn’t stomach any part of him either.

[Watch the feature movie: “Samuel”]

Then we have Whitaker from ChaosMen

straight men jacking

Freshly thirty, and not too happy about it, Whitaker is a true natural blonde ala Johnny V. And for a guy whose favorite sexual activity is box munching, he had no problem at all showing off the golden fuzz on his surprisingly hairy and edible looking hole. His dick needed coaxing either. Neither did his load. And he’s a trembler too.

[Watch the feature movie: “Whitaker”]

2 thoughts on “CockYourVote: Samuel or Whitaker?”

  1. If it comes to shutting him up and fucking, I’d take Samuel. Since shutting him up is not an option …

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