Exclusive: Meet The Cast Of Raging Stallion’s The Woods, Part 1

Finally, I can reveal the full cast of Raging Stallion’s big fall blockbuster, The Woods. It’s a two-part thriller from director Tony DiMarco, and I think literally every single gay porn star alive today is in it. Here is the trailer and all of the cast photos from Part 1 (I’ll have more on Part 2 next week).

Raging Stallion’s The Woods marks the first major comeback role for Cal Skye, and also stars Zeb Atlas, Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Fanz, Alex Graham, Trenton Ducati, Parker Wright, Tomas Brand, 3-balled wonder Chris Tyler, and Dale Cooper (whom you should already be jerking off to this weekend).

The Woods ships next week (get your copy here), and here is your first look:


Here’s just a tease of who is in The Woods Part 2, as seen in these “missing person” promo images that tie into the movie’s plot. (I think it has something to do with aliens?)

[Raging Stallion: The Woods Part 1]


23 thoughts on “Exclusive: Meet The Cast Of Raging Stallion’s <em>The Woods, Part 1</em>”

  1. I’m all about Dale Cooper these days. I guess if I have a type, he is it, because he flat-out turns me on.

    I’m not opposed to Zeb Atlas, though it seems like I’m in the minority here. I see him in some men dot com scenes, and at least he will kiss and suck cock, which is more than some of these guys will do (Paddy O’Brien in this, for ex., and Tyler Torro).

    Cal Skye (sorry, never heard of him b4) has overly groomed eyebrows, which is a turnoff. It looks effeminate.

    That Jimmy Fanz guy is cute as hell.

    And Trenton Ducati – OMG. He seems like a sex maniac (perfect for porn) and one hot motherfucker. He’s a great performer.

    1. One thing, though: You can count on Raging Stallion fucking up a movie with a too-loud, repetitively mind-numbing soundtrack that drowns out any sounds the guys are making. (See that fight movie with Ricky Sinz and Brenn Wyson, for instance. And ever other RSS movie.). I dunno, is JD Slater still churning out that overbearing “music”? I hate it.

  2. Love Zeb and everything about him. World Class Body but hope his tattoo sleeve addition is the end of the ink. It’s akin to defacing a classic piece of art with splattered paint.

  3. I like the dick photoshop. I wish Alex would grow his hair back

    Yes Zeb is very ugly but I love his traps and big body, is he on roids? Do they change your face?

  4. Hot cast with the exception of Zeb Atlas and Paddy O’Brian. Seriously, enough with these overrated G4P guys with restrictions!

    At least Chris Tyler gets fucked, eats ass, and sucks dick! And what a little hottie he is too!

  5. I don’t care what the involvement, who is in the scene etc but having zeb atlas anywhere near this company just put raging stallion back about 14 years! Who hired him? Seriously?? This looks bad all over with the exceptions of chris tyler, jesse santana and jimmy fanz i wouldn’t even have looked.
    There’s that old saying “don’t go in the woods” boy does that apply here!

  6. Can they just stop with the photo shop. these are attractive men with nice endowment, is it really necessary to make them all look bigger than they actually are. Sometimes reality is just better.

      1. I met Jimmy at a charity function in Atlanta. He is cuter in person and yes that is his butt. I wish I could say that we shared more than a name, but alas

  7. I’m an optimist, but this looks terrible.

    Soooo tired of Zeb Atlas and his mutilated body.
    Don’t find Cal Skye that interesting.
    Alex Graham is, um, a person.

    Dale Cooper. Yes. I would lick the floor of a bathroom in a NYC Starbucks if it meant I could cum on Dale Cooper’s pretty face.

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