‘Gay Of Thrones’ Threeway With King Johnny Rapid Is Incredibly Hot, Then Johnny Dies

The second episode of the second “season” of Men.com’s Gay of Thrones is out, and it’s a very sexy, slow and deliberate threeway with Johnny Rapid as the king calling all the shots, and big-dicked servants Darius Ferdynand and Gabriel Cross doing his bidding.

There’s no soundtrack, which is part of why the scene feels as hot and real as it does, despite the costumes. And Johnny doesn’t even try for a British accent the way Connor Maguire did, which is probably for the best.

Johnny commands Gabriel and Darius to undress each other, and then to suck each others’ dicks, and then to service his dick while he’s still fully robed. And almost ten minutes in Johnny’s barely got his clothes off, and Darius’s ridiculous body is just making everyone hard as a rock.





Darius and Johnny finally get to spit-roasting Gabriel, and Johnny just has to laugh about how hot it is. Then Darius rides Johnny’s cock for a while, then they spit-roast Gabriel some more. And finally Johnny blows his load on his slaves faces, although you can see Darius kind of flinching and keeping his face out of the line of fire.

The direction feels very old school, like an old Jerry Douglas movie, and even though Johnny’s never been my favorite, it all works.

So, finally, everybody gets dressed and Johnny’s left alone to pour some wine. The Men.com set dresser found a cool little duck-headed decanter, but left the antique shop price tag on there…



Oops. And then the wine is poisoned!! And King Johnny is dead.

At least he got to fuck Darius Ferdynand and Gabriel Cross one last time before he croaked.












[Men.com: Gay of Thrones Part 6]



16 thoughts on “‘Gay Of Thrones’ Threeway With King Johnny Rapid Is Incredibly Hot, Then Johnny Dies”

  1. God i miss the days in gay porn when bodies were revered as much as the sex. The strip and blowjob are completely obscured by the stupid table. Hell these stills are hotter than the stupid camerawork.

  2. lt’s ridiculous that these stills are better than the scene itself. The beginning starts with a strip scene that’s completely obscured by a stupid table. l miss the days in porn when bodies were filmed with reverance. These days porn directors are a bunch of rank amateurs who have no business using a camera.

  3. Watching the stunningly beautiful and muscular Darius and the cute muscle boy Gabriel servicing the spoiled young King Johnny Rapid made my boner so hard it hurt. Darius Ferdynand is so physically perfect that he is in the same class as the Magyar god Kris Evans. Just imagine how hot a scene with Darius and Kris together would be.

          1. Repeat all you want. I have read in several blogs that he is 5’7″. He could be just 5′ and he would still be off the freakin charts gorgeous.

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