Play It Again, Barack

Before we all tune in for the second Election 2016’s Super Bowl on Sunday October 9, it’s important to remember what the coach already had to say.

For our country. For our world. For our community. This the stakes for this election have never been more paramount. And its repercussions right here in GayPornLand could be profound and sweeping.

That is not any more hyperbole today than when we discussed Prop 60 last week. The passage of Prop 60 “will be a lawsuit bonanza that endangers the lives of adult performers,” as Eric Paul Leue of the Free Speech Coalition pointed out. Additionally, there will no more bareback porn produced in California for anyone.

voBareback is a divisive issue. But no one makes you watch it unless you want to. Most people feel the choice should be theirs. Prop 60 isn’t that democratic. Those who prefer their porn unwrapped could be relegated to dated euro-content instantly. This isn’t just about performers. Passage of Prop 60 decides what everyone can jack off too. And it goes all the way to California Statehouse.

Buried in the verbiage of section 10 of Prop 60 is this: “The People of the State of California, by enacting this Act, hereby declare that the proponent of this Act has a direct and personal stake in defending this Act … In the event the Attorney General fails to defend this Act; or the Attorney General fails to appeal an adverse judgment against the constitutionality or statutory permissibly of this Act … the Act’s proponent shall be entitled to assert his direct and personal stake by defending the Act’s validity in any court and shall be empowered by the citizens through this Act.”

weinstein_pornczarIn other words, the passage of Prop 60 means Michael Weinstein will be installed as the last word in porn production. This position will be independent of the State of California but at the level of the State’s Attorney General. His removal can only be done by “a majority vote of each house of the Legislature.”

Michael Weinstein is a person most of us would want to have a drink with much less have as the defacto emperor deciding what kind of porn can we’re able to watch in the future. As Xbiz stated last Monday, No One Wants a ‘Porn Czar’.

Prop 60 will only be on the ballot in California. The debate this evening matters to everyone for a great many reasons. One of the most salient being that this could have a direct impact on not just porn, but our community’s rights to freely live and love. And to be heard. The Donald has released his list of SCOTUS picks. The Advocate calls them “scary” not just for us, but for “anyone who cares about civil liberties.”

It’s a good time to revisit the words that President Obama spoke at the Democratic Convention last July:

President Obama: “never been a man or a woman — not me, not Bill, nobody” who is more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton.”

What to do now?

First, go here for more information:

Second, continue to empower yourself

Legislative Analysis of the Adult Film State Ballot Initiative in California
Initiative Breakdown by BallotPedia
Donate to and visit the Free Speech Coalition Website

Then cast your ballot:

And now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography.

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