Hot House Cranks Up The Heat in “Rough Trade”

Their most infamous series, “Skuff,” has finally returned. Micah Brandt is bound, gagged, and plugged. Austin Wolf in cocked and ready. This is going to be a rough one.

“Brute force and sexual energy,” “pushed to the brink of indecency,” and “uninhibited hedonistic sex” have all been used to describe the master and slave encounters that mark the films making up the “Skuff” series.

Including this one, “Skuff 5: Rough Trade 1”.

With “Rough Trade” its fifth incarnation, “Skuff” carries on the original, dark, and highly intense vision of studio founder Steven Scarborough.

skuff-barDozens of the blue screen’s hottest and dirtiest men have oinked their way through the series. First, there was “Skuff 1: Downright Dirty” in 1999. Then “Skuff 2: Downright Filthy” in 2003. 2005 brought us “Skuff 3: Downright Wrong” and “Skuff 4: Downright Fierce” came along in 2009.

micah brandt austin wolf rough trade hot houseAs we saw in his scene from Silverlake where he turned David Benjamin’s hole into lunch meat, this kind of action is right in Micah Brandt’s wheelhouse. Even more so that he’s the designated sub today. That ass needed to have the kind of workout such perfection demands.

micah brandt austin wolf rough trade hot houseAustin Wolf is the perfect dom to pair him with. Someone with the skills and the power to make those cheeks ripple when he pounds them. From the very second Austin removed Micah’s ball gag, he was already slobbering.

micah brandt austin wolf rough trade hot houseThere’s an arsenal of sex toys inside but these guys aren’t playing.

brandtwolf-4Micah’s butt is eager and willing. Austin’s ass-pertise made him blow a huge load. Correction, his first load.

micah brandt austin wolf rough trade hot houseThere are two loads yet to cum. They are not achieved with a light touch. One of them lands right in Micah’s parched, hungry mouth. With is pretty fitting. The scene leaves you thirsty for more.

[Watch Micah Brandt & Austin Wolf in “Skuff: Rough Trade 1” scene one]

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