I Receive An Email: “I think it would be easier if I passed on the underwear”

“Elitist,” the winner of that Cody Cummings underwear contest, doesn’t want the underwear!

He writes:

Elitist here to claim my prize. And just as a sidenote, I think it would be easier if I passed on the underwear. I don’t really want it, and plus…the whole mailing/shipping fees thing would be a hassle anyways.  Feel free to keep it for yourself though, I’m sure you will cherish it as much as I would have.

Well, shit. I’m bringing the underwear to the Grabby Awards later this month and will try something else. Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “I Receive An Email: “I think it would be easier if I passed on the underwear””

  1. I understand people have fetishes and if it turns you on then go for it as long as it harms no one unwillingly in the process. I will admit though the thought of inducing pain upon an unwilling person does trigger a few of those electrodes in my brain. That aside I don’t fancy having anyone’s underwear washed or unwashed. I just assume go commando then wear someone elses dickies.

  2. Ummm, can I have them then. I kinda actually want them. I like Cody but it probably has to do with my self loathing/daddy issues…

    Who do I give my address to?

  3. You should see if Cody’s number one fan, Jeannie Marie, wants it. If she acually got his scent up her snout, it would be the last little push she needs to go full on Annie Wilkes, with her obsession, and finally take him out.

  4. Now you’re making me think I should do something (more) creative with Anthony’s and Austin’s, but for now I’ll keep them wrapped around the pillow I sleep with at night. :)

  5. Good lord, that’ll be over a month old without a wash.
    Yuk, it’ll be more rank than the “thing” that originally wore it on stage.

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