Is This The Worst Tattoo Of All time?

Yesterday, gay porn star Spencer Reed said he had the “worst tattoo experience” of his life. He went on to tweet that the tattoo of a “Berlin bear with a Berghain symbol in the crown” was a “#SHITJOB” that he’ll “need to get removed.” OK, is it really that bad? See for yourself:

I don’t know. I think the little red tongue is kind of cute.


23 thoughts on “Is This The Worst Tattoo Of All time?”

  1. Oh give me a break, the tattoo is not that bad. Certainly not worth all the drama. Put some damned color in it and stop whining already for chrissakes. It’s not like you are saddled with body art so offensive that people turn away and spit on the sidewalk as you go by. Think of the poor slob who tries for a message strong and cutting-edge, and ends up totally misspelling a key word.

  2. Sissy Diddy La Cameo Cooksta

    Bless her heart, she has jumped the shark — well, let’s just admit it, she can’t jump to save her life ( more like slowly climbed over the shark ).

  3. Frankly all his “guy” in SF needs to do is put some cum on it. And there you have it… A new Spencer Reed porno exclusive…. “My sticky tattoo”

  4. it’s pretty sloppy. line work is horrible.

    while ur at it spencer get that damn tribal band removed as well. so generic like it was picked of a wall at a tattoo shop.

  5. Just a Spencer Reed/tattoo fan here pointing out that cover-up tattoos can result in some REALLY amazing artwork!

    Don’t remove something that failed to meet expectations…tattoo removals [in pretty much every tattoo shop] are even MORE expensive than the original design (plus they aren’t guaranteed to work and are said to be even more painful!).

    Live and learn – if the art you ended up with isn’t what you want, find another artist to transform it into what you’d like it to be! Cover-ups, a good design perspective and a solid artistic eye make ALL the difference!

  6. Spenace the Menace

    Wow that is pretty bad. I’m surprised Spencer didn’t ask someone with good tattoos for a referral to a better artist. I’m sure he knows enough people.

  7. I don’t mind tatoos at all, but it should be well done. This is horrible, it looks it was just freehanded from memory and the person was slightly tipsy

  8. I doesn’t look bad… But needs some shading or something else… In my opinion…
    I don’t know if Spencer does roids or not (i’m not naive, he’d probably do). But he works in an industry where phisique is very important asset. It’s true that roids makes everything (but your balls) grow… But still takes countless hours inside a gym to make it look good. Otherwise you just accumulate liquid.
    And I don’t know why people complain… Everyone loves some muscle…

  9. Of course it looks horrible but so do %95 of the tats these pornstars have. If youre considering getting a tat Next time you’re at a club and you see some tragic Queen in his 40’s dancing the night away drinking a strawberry mojito and he has a tribal tattoo on his back and a ridiculous barbed wire tattoo on his arm just realize that will be you someday.

  10. There are several tattoo designs that he could have used to commemorate his move to Germany. A “Berlin bear with a Berghain symbol in the crown” is not bad, but it is something that he should have thought about for a few days before getting it.

    I’m sure tattoo parlors in Germany have the temporary tattoos you can wear for a few hours/days to get the feel of it before you do the permanent one.

  11. Ahhhh Zach you just love to rub salt into a wound dont you : P I decided i love my tattoo ITS BERLIN and represents well… ill have my guy in SF make it look fierce when i return LOVE YOU LOYAL THE SWORD COMMENTING NON PORN WATCHING TRAGIC CUNTS YOUR SOOOO COOL and almost make up 5% (probably less) of actual porn viewers YAY!… XXXO

  12. The bear looks like he’s vogueing, but other than that I don’t see what’s so horrible about it. There are plenty of other, shittier tattoos in porn. I can’t think of a specifically gay porn bad tattoo right now, but check out Nick on “Gigolos” – poster boy for bad tattoo work.

      1. He does not need bacne cream. He just needs to stop taking the steroids and it will clear up quick. But then all that bloated “muscle” might just whither away. Oh well.

  13. Hahahaah it looks awful , especially considering the one he has underneath which is in a completely different “style” ( if you can call it that …) .

    I’ve checked the original symbol, the bear looks a little out of his mind here but that’s about it, it’s far from being catastrophic on its own . I think he had a very bad idea with this design at this place , it’s not the tatoo artist’s fault if you have shitty taste Spencer !!

    Tattoo removal is expensive though. Too bad for the gays

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