Jack Harrer’s Penis Is the Greatest Penis In All the World

This is a story about a cock. Not just any cock, but seriously the most beautiful, enormous, uncut cock ever to be attached to a male human. Yes, I’m talking about Jack Harrer’s cock.

This should not be news, obviously. In this ranking from a year ago The Sword already declared Bel Ami star Jack Harrer’s cock to be the #4 most beautiful among working porn stars, a ranking I’m going to take issue with now.

Allow me first to remind you what it looks like semi-hard.





This is what it looks like flaccid, which isn’t that different. And still beautiful.





And then, gentlemen, this happens, and the room starts to glow, and the angels weep.






Jack Harrer’s cock inspires the kind of emotions that can only be expressed through GIFs of Japanese people.


Much like Marcel Gassion does in a new scene, you just want to choke on it. Immediately.







Then you want to take a brief rest, hold it in your hand, and lick his balls a little while your tonsils recover.



Then you will want it immediately inside you. Just like Marcel.







Because it bears repeating, this is the face that you will have when Jack Harrer’s cock is inside you.



Like many great beauties, Jack Harrer’s cock is made more beautiful by a tiny flaw. Like Cindy Crawford’s famous mole, Jack Harrer’s cock has a small freckle on the head, just so you know it’s special.





Also, Jack Harrer’s cock does not like to be alone, and always complements other cocks that it hangs out with.






And then, when it cums… sweet Jesus.













[Bel Ami: Jack Harrer and Marcel Gassion]

48 thoughts on “Jack Harrer’s Penis Is the Greatest Penis In All the World”

  1. I’ve never sucked another man’s cock but I would love to, and I wish my first one was with a discreet friend with a cock like that one.

    1. You will be happy that you did but be prepared to please a nice cock for the rest of your life . It’s very enjoyable and addictive!! Once a cocksucker , always a cocksucker !

  2. very lovely…i love to lick…suck…take it all so deep…i want be fucked by jack..get a cum on my face too….really really love it….jack please fuck me..my ass is yours…

  3. He does have a beautiful cock, but, unfortunately, he shaves his crotch. Always disappointing to me!… And, he really should get rid of that tiresome hairdo.

  4. The is the most beautiful cock i have ever seen in my entire life. I have seen, touched, licked, sucked, and felt thousands of cocks ,but none like this one. It look gorgeous, pretty ,clean, suckable, lovable.

  5. Jack himself said that working as a porn star was not a career choice, it is his calling
    Who could disahree after seeing some of his hottest scenes?

    1. Jack definitely has the world’s most beautiful cock. I adore it. But his dick’s only the beginning; don’t forget the rest of him — beautiful, bright, funny, sweet, gentle, and vulnerable; lazy and sometimes stubborn. And passionate. All around the most delectable, desirable man on the planet.

      1. You are so right. I can’t imagine a more beautiful cock. Also his arse would be so tasty to rim them fuck all night.

  6. Well, one cock for every taste :D Personnally, I don’t like cut dicks :/ Half of the time you need lube to just masturbate them, it’s less sensitive, and it’s like a two-colour shape :s

  7. For the love of English syntax alone please follow the other blogs and ban whoever posts as “Jordi Lim”.

    1. That’s discrimínation Tim. You know if only there are gay blogs like this in my native language I wouldnt be here. But, there’s none. If you didnt like my English why you’re giving a damn? Lastly, this is not Queer Me Now blog (which I think owned by Asian pretending to be a white guy). There is FREEDOM here.

  8. Please, PLEASE don’t use all those GIFs. If I wanna see a bunch of fan-girling GIFs over one guy’s dick, I can go to Tumblr.

  9. Agreed, Jack Harrer does have the worlds best cock!!!…

    Not only that, he has a lean sexy body, cutest face and most fuckable ass!!!… Overall he has everything!!!!

    Lucky bastard ;) hehe

    1. I agree. they mixed up Korean and Japanese. i’m Japanese and some people don’t know the difference between Chinese,Japanese and Korean. The most annoying thing is they don’t know and they don’t care.

      1. It’s really annoying when some people can’t tell the difference between Scottish, English and Irish people. I mean can’t everyone tell the differences in every race? I’m sure you really care about being able to tell the difference in a person from Kenya as opposed to a person from Sudan right?

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