Jaxton Wheeler Gets Hairy During ‘Doctors’ Double Dose’ at NextDoorTwink

Shaved and raw at Chaos.Men, condomed, clippered and Colby’d at RandyBlue, and now fully pelted (think of a manscaped Chewbacca growing out a light mullet), Jaxton Wheeler returns to the fold today exactly where you expect to find such a glorious example of hirsuteness, ‘Doctors’ Double Dose’ at NextDoorTwinks.

With his own hair piled high upon on his head, Johnny Torque joins him in a game of Mystery Diagnosis to discover why poor Kevin Summers’s sphincter ain’t what it used to be. Unlike Johnny, whose work at HotHouse and in NakedSword Originals’ Frat House Cream & Golden Gate has garnered him a star-studded following, Kevin Summers is relative newbie.

Not to worry, he is in good hands as Dr. Wheeler and Nurse Torque minister to his ills, employing a “very professional, by-the-book clinical procedure,” known better in the medical journal as a dual twinkus spit roast-ostmy. There may be a follow up visit in the works, but for now at least, that’s the hole story.

First, we take a hair-raising look at Jaxton Wheeler — which follicle level do you prefer?


Plucked & shucked at Chaos.men | Sexy & Stubbly at RandyBlue | Sinfully sasquatch at NextDoorTwinks

And now, time to get physical …















[NextDoorTwink: Doctors’ Double Dose]


11 thoughts on “Jaxton Wheeler Gets Hairy During ‘Doctors’ Double Dose’ at NextDoorTwink”

  1. Johnny Torque is seriously channeling Gary Oldman from the 90s Dracula film with “butt” pompadour. That kid looks like some random geek that kidnapped on his way home from band practice.

    1. This is why I never complain about socks and shoes worn in scenes. I’d rather not know what’s going on down there.

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