Jimmy Fanz Talks About Foot-Sucking, Being Homoflexible, And the Doggie Daycare He Works At

Jimmy Fanz gives me a big high-five and a smile when we meet, accidentally, on the corner of 6th Ave and 14th Street. Fanz and his best porn friends, Boomer Banks, Ryan Rose and Rentboy.com’s Sean Van Sant, have been shopping for the past few hours and are about to head into Urban Outfitters to check out men’s pants. Fanz is in town to shoot two scenes for Men.com, where he’s been an exclusive for the past year, following a fruitful, hole-stretching couple of years shooting for Raging Stallion and Falcon. Though he says he’s contractually unable  to tell me what he’d been shooting this past week, he mentions two upcoming scenes: a Daddy Hunt scene (for Men.com) with last week’s interviewee Dirk Caber and another with Conor Maguire featuring soccer players and shower play. We make plans to talk when he’s back in Florida a few days later, and on Saturday morning, I call him to talk about his career path, the label debate, and his on-set antics.

Adam: I’ve heard that you have a short attention span, Jimmy?

Jimmy: Ha. Like a jellyfish. Or a two-celled organism. No that’s horrible. Haha. I don’t have a short attention span, it’s just that I have so much on my mind that it’s really easy for me to move on to the next big shiny thing.

Take me into what’s going on in your mind. What are the many things running through your mind at any given moment?

Okay, well, I gotta go shopping, I’m thinking about that. I’ve gotta get a comforter. My friend is in the bank right now and I want to go back to my house. I’m wondering if I should take my car and put the top down, and I’m on the phone with you and I completely forgot about this, which is bad. I got a haircut so I have hair all over the back of my neck, which is a pain. That’s what’s going on in my mind this second, but I can probably think of other stuff.

Have you always been like that? You always had tons of stuff on your mind?

Yeah. I would say so. Usually the stuff on my mind doesn’t matter whatsoever. It’s only a problem when I’m on set, and if we’re in work mode and I’m having sex and I’m like, in it, you know? I like to say that when I’m having sex it’s very meditative for me. It’s relaxing and the only thing on my mind when I’m doing it. When I’m not having sex I’m eating this and running over there and singing in the hallway and dancing and going nuts. But when I have to go back to set I’m on top of my shit. Which is why I think I’ve been working as long as I have been so far, because I can work and have fun. Which isn’t always great — some people get annoyed when I’m having fun and they’re trying to work at that second.

Jimmy in Men.com's Deep Release, opposite Colby Keller.
Jimmy in Men.com’s Deep Release, opposite Colby Keller.

Have you ever had a co-star get mad at you?

Oh yes. The most upset was when I did my scene with Colby Keller. He was not having it. But I sent a nice apology letter to him, and he accepted it. We’ve been friends outside of work since. But during work, between him being such a work guy, and less on the fun happy side — although that’s not to say he isn’t fun or happy.

I know what you mean, Colby’s been in the business a long time and he treats it very professionally.

He’s very proper, articulate, and I’m just there fingering my butthole and giggling.

I think I’d rather be on set with you. I feel like a lot of times on porn sets its not as much fun as it should be. As a filmmaker, I understand how you just want to get the shot and get done as soon as possible, but I also really believe that filmmaking should be fun.

It’s a thin line between enjoying what you’re doing and getting the work done and being so lackadaisical that you completely neglect doing your job well.

What’s the most fun set you’ve ever been on?

They’re all fun. I’ve never had a bad experience or something just wasn’t fun. I’ve had scenes where I thought that wasn’t the best or I could have done that better, hope it turns out well. But I’m always having a good time no matter what.

You never seem uncomfortable in your scenes. I think the idea that sex on screen is meditative for you makes a lot of sense. I always think you seem like you really enjoy what you’re doing, as opposed to that you’re trying to be famous and make a jillion dollars.

Well, that too. But when I’m having sex that’s not even on my mind. There’s only work at that point. I’m thinking, I look beautiful in this position, hope they like it, that type of thing. Obviously the goal is to be famous and make a jillion dollars and make everyone happy, amongst other things. Get more jobs, win awards. It’s a package deal.

Do you want to be on top?

Do I want to be a top?

No, I mean, do you see yourself still in this business in eight years and you’re a legendary top porn star?

Yeah. That would be something, you know. It’s a tough thing, without sounding conceited or narcissistic when it comes to that question. Yeah I want to be the best, but I don’t want to sound cocky or cross that line.

I don’t think it sounds cocky. You’re being very honest. You were just in New York, right?

Yeah. I shot two scenes for Men.com, which I’m exclusive with for the past year. They’re great to work with. I love working with Mark and his crew. I love James and his crew. It’s fun.

You were with Raging Stallion and Falcon before, right? What prompted the decision to move?

It was a couple of things. They had a lot of content of me, so they both had a nice little reservoir of movies with me, and two years of content is about 24 scenes. I thought, hey let me move into internet, and maybe I can move back into DVDs after.

I was talking last week with Dirk Caber about Men.com last week and he had some interesting things to say. What seems to be the reigning controversy with them is the abundance of gay-for-pay models. I’m curious if you had any experience with that, or thoughts on that?

You know, I prefer that the models I work with are sexually active in a gay way or they like men interactions, or are at least capable of working with a man comfortably. There’s a heads-up with the people I work with and they know that I don’t want to work with people who can’t work with me.

Did you learn by experience?

Yeah. Because with my playful attitude it’s a lot harder for them to concentrate on being sexy and being able to be with a man when I’m being disgusting off-set.

Showing your rosebud off?

Yeah. It’s happened, and they complain and I’m like, whatever, I’m doing great, it’s not me it’s you.

So generally you want to work only with gay models.

Yeah. Or someone who’s able to work with other gay men comfortably.

Jimmy getting fucked by Jarec Wentworth in Men.com's Men For Sale.
Jimmy getting fucked by Jarec Wentworth in Men.com’s Men For Sale.

Do you consider yourself gay?

I’m homoflexible. That’s what I’m going with these days. Heteroflexible or homoflexible. It works. It makes sense. I also like that saying. I’m very attracted to women, but I’m very attracted to men as well. It’s a sore subject because a lot of people don’t understand and have their own issues with that concept. I obviously enjoy sex with men, and keeping company with men. But I also enjoy keeping company with women.

I debate it all the time in my interviews, and there’s a debate between whether labels are necessary or unnecessary. The fans seem to think that they have some right to have exclusively gay performers. But I would hold you up as evidence that I’ve never once watched one of your scenes and thought, this guy isn’t giving his all and hates what he’s doing. I mean come on, you have a fucking rosebud. How can you not enjoy what you’re doing if you have that?

Yeah. It’s kind of like a branding. I kind of get lumped in with the gay-for-pay people because I’m attracted to women also, but it’s more like, I just like sexual activities with everyone. It’s not just one sex that I feel comfortable with. I feel comfortable with both. But the gay-for-pay people just don’t like what they’re doing. Some people like that. Some people like looking at gay-for-pay people being uncomfortable and having sex despite their own desires. But I do get a lot of shit for it, and it is a bit of a sore subject. It kind of makes me feel uncomfortable a little bit, when it comes to people asking. If people have to only be one or the other how are they supposed to find out what they like in the first place. If it’s not okay for them to be in the middle at some point.

Agreed. I think people’s main objections stems from the view that they’re somehow being taken advantage of by performers who claim to be gay but just aren’t at all. And that they’re taking jobs away from hard-working gay porn actors.

Right. But that’s not necessarily true, there’s a spot for them. That’s how a lot of us become what we do. We do that straight-to-gay thing at the beginning. It’s a pretty common scene type where the gay guy is seducing a straight guy.

Right. You did some of those early on. So you’re saying there’s a path where models do those types of scenes and it gives them the confidence to say, wait, I’m actually gay or I do really like both.

Yeah. Actually. Some people are able to make that gap, but when it comes to the viewers who say, “You’re doing gay porn but you’re obviously straight and you don’t like men,” it puts in the performers heads, “hmmm, maybe I don’t like men, maybe it is for the money…” and they don’t really allow themselves to explore and be able to say, “Hey, I do like men,” because they’re being told they’re wrong.

Did you have a moment where you were like suddenly, okay I like guys too?

Well, I mean I fooled around with guys beforehand, but I would never say, I liked men. I just liked interactions and sex, but it just happened to be a guy that was there. And I would be like, I don’t like men, I just like to be touched and be touching other people. But when it came to be more often I was like, I do like men. It became less of an issue to say that. At the same time, I still like women.

Pre-porn, what was your interaction with guys? When was your first time?

I was young. 12, 13. Just a friend, we had a good time.

Let’s talk about your rosebud. How did that develop?

It’s not exactly a rosebud. There are worse. Is it?

I don’t know, all I’ve seen is that video on Randy Blue where you’re showing it off, but they don’t show it.

Haha. Yeah. That just shows how much I like to have fun on set and do my own thing.

Sure. But did you actively try to build up your hole and your resistance?

To what?

To huge dicks and other things.

Oh yeah. It took a long time. I’m still not able to fist myself. I can’t do that. I exercise my hole and stretch it out before scenes, especially when it’s very large cocks like Tommy Defendi’s or Dominic Santos. So I stretch it an hour before scene and I play with myself and make it comfortable so when it happens it doesn’t rip me or stuff like that.

Do you use a dildo?

I use my fingers. It’s more comfortable. And that way I can slowly stretch it out. Because if I overdo it at the beginning, it’s very uncomfortable. Especially with a rubber dildo or something like that. That tears my insides a little bit. So I use my fingers and stretch it slowly. So when we begin the scene its normal.

Do you use poppers?

No, I don’t.

Jimmy Fanz and Tommy Defendi in last year's Hole, from Raging Stallion.
Jimmy Fanz and Tommy Defendi in last year’s Hole, from Raging Stallion.

The other thing you’re known for is that you’re big into feet?

I like feet. They’re fun. I like giving foot massages. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite thing in the world, but I have an abundance of energy so I like to give foot massages or hand massages when I’m not doing anything. It kind of just developed into, “I’ll suck your feet while you’re jacking off.” It’s not my favorite, but I know it’s a fantasy for a lot of people, that I can embody for people. It’s fun to do.

Are there any kinks or fascinations that you’re starting to explore now?

No. I kind of like where I am and what I do. Everything else seems a little bit absurd. I don’t want to say it’s absurd to do those things, but it’s not anything I want to do right now. Maybe five years from now, I may be like, I really want to do sounding or whatever, but I like where I am now. I like anal and that does it for me. I still really like oral and that does it for me. I’m pretty vanilla.

When you’re with a girl does anal play come into the picture?

Sometimes. Not as much as with a man. I usually don’t fuck a girl anally. I’ll stick fingers in there, but that’s it.

Does she do anything to your hole?

Yeah. Sometimes. It’s been known to happen.

When I ran into you in the city and you were hanging out with Boomer Banks, Sean Van Sant, and Ryan Rose. Are they your porn friends?

Yeah. We’ve all met through porn and we just really get along. Ryan is just such a sweetheart and Boomer is such a sweetheart. We were shopping that day and we all love shopping. It’s something we can do together. We were having a great day.

But you don’t do rentboy stuff?


Why not?

My friends do it. Seeing the money they make, it looks enticing, and that they’re having so much fun. A lot of them do enjoy it, but a lot of them don’t enjoy it at all. They just do it for the money or the connections or whatever, and that is obviously enticing and looks fabulous. But I’ve thought about it and with my personality, I’m the type of guy who’s naïve when it comes to a lot of things and I’m aware of that. So it’s not a place I want to be.

You don’t need to be talked into something or slipped something by some guy.

Yeah. I’m definitely the type of guy that that would happen to. I’d just rather not.

It’s good that you know that. Do you have a day job?

Yeah. I work at a doggie day care in my neighborhood.

That’s adorable.

Right? Pup leading the pups.


What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you on set, and what’s the best?

The worst was that I got yelled at. It wasn’t my fault. There was problems on set with the photographer losing equipment and stuff not working that day. It was a long day. Five hours later we’re getting stuff done that should have been done in the first thirty minutes. I immediately started to get yelled at by the cameraman-producer, and it’s like, dude, none of it is my fault. That was also a day I was supposed to be a top, and I like topping, but if I’m being yelled at it just makes it hard. He comes over and starts yelling at me. It’s just not how you treat a person let alone someone who’s about to top. The best thing that happened on set, is every time I get to make a friend. If I get to make friends with the crew, or make friends with the other performers. That’s the best thing that happened.

Are you satisfied with where your body is right now, or do you want to become like, muscles on muscles?

No. I’m satisfied. I don’t use any supplements other than protein and caffeine and calcium for my bones. I’m really proud of it. It’s been three years and I was very tiny and I was able to push myself to get where I’m at now. At 23 and looking where I am now, I’m very proud. I tripled up my cardio to get larger and all I do now is watch my calories so I don’t end up growing. I’m excelling in strength as I keep working out. But with strength comes larger muscles and I don’t want that.

Yeah it seems like you’re at the perfect physique and any farther is just going to look gross.

Exactly. There’s parts of me where I’m like, one section of my muscle could be more proportionate to my body, but that just comes with time. Other than that I feel like this is where my body should be. Andrew Christian wants me to have a perfect six pack and a proportionate body, not bodybuilder size – so that just lets me know I’m at the perfect size.

Do you have a favorite joke?

Yeah. My favorite joke is: Why did the bicycle fall over?

Okay, why?

It was two tired.


That’s the perfect joke. It’s perfectly funny.


Adam Baran is a filmmaker, blogger, former online editor of Butt Magazine and co-curator of Queer/Art/Film. His short film JACKPOT, about a porn-hunting gay teen, won Best Short Film at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and was recently featured on The Huffington Post, Queerty, and Towleroad, among others. He is a features programmer at Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival and NewFest in New York. In his spare time, he complains about things to his friends. “Fisting for Compliments”, his weekly musings about the intersection of sex, art, porn, and history, will appear every Monday on TheSword. You can contact him at Adam@TheSword.com and follow him on Twitter at @ABaran999. Check out his previous columns in the Fisting For Compliments Archive.

51 thoughts on “Jimmy Fanz Talks About Foot-Sucking, Being Homoflexible, And the Doggie Daycare He Works At”

  1. I do not believe Jimmy likes girls or has ever had sex with one. Do you have any footage of him in real life fucking one? How about any straight-for-pay footage? I think he is very wrong to imply he is bisexual. It is just as bad as a straight gay-for-pay guy saying he is bisexual and that’s why he does gay porn, not just for the money. I kind of know this first hand.

  2. I think that in ” Priest’s Confession” Jimmy gives the best and most touching performance I’ve seen since early Joe Gage — and that’s a long time ago. But I don’t think he should become two muscular. He has the most beautiful and expressive face — the scene in “Priest” where he comes to To Tommi Defendi makes my cry.

  3. I’m crazy about Jimmy Fanz, but does anybody know he’s a TREMENDOUSLY GOOD ACTOR? His leading role as Father Daniel, opposite Tommy Defendi in “A Priest’s Confession” (a Rock Candyn production) His speaking voice is beutiful; it was made in 2013, so hewas smaller than he is now, which fit the role exactly. I have watched i many timrs. The final scene, from when Jimmy knocks in, and come into with that heavenly smile and sense of doubt, and the right into Tommy Defendi’s arms, is – – – well you’d have to back 30 yeqrs to sone on the Joe gGage film releases. Jimmy is a beautiful you man. He could be called “Sunny” Jim. And neither his or Tommy beautiful performances or even the picture is ever talked about. Whar gives,Jimmy?w

  4. What a sweet guy. But he NEVER HAS talked about the performance that made me fall in love with him, as Father Daniel in “A Prist’s Confession.” He is perfection in it, and the final scne feom the time he knocks on the door and Tommy Defendi opens it and he, Jimmy, gulps and then nods, is the most beautiful moment I’ve seen in porn since the first Joe Gage period. I mea THE BOY CAN ACT

  5. TheSword- Thank you Mr. Editor, I thought I’d be banned here by replying to g4p leader @sxg and Mr Adam. I think you also shared the same sentiment like us. To the staff as well Thank you from my heart.

    1. lol just because you’re still allowed to post on here does not mean they share the same thoughts as you and your group, you just haven’t crossed the line to be banned here yet just like 99% of the gay porn blogs you and many from your group are already banned from. It’s not WHAT you say it’s HOW you say it. Well ok, sometimes it is what you say. If you make your unproven opinions as fact, depending on the topic, that will get you banned.

      1. Coward, will you please leave me alone. Why you hated me so much, I didnt do anything to you. What’s your name on twitter so I could block you there. You always accusing me of things I did not say. Leave me ok.

        1. lol that’s a load of shit. You say so much shit online that you don’t even remember what you say. You have said nasty things such as you would never sleep with a muslim/arab man just because you believe they smelled nasty, yet you have never met one. You have said that you find Americans to be nasty because we shower once a day, and in the winter we only shower once every 5 days. You’re a complete idiot and in the time you’ve been on blogs that has not changed. You are ignorant about Western culture and gay culture, and so long as you keep on showing that ignorance people on blogs WILL point that out to you until you either educate yourself correctly on the subject matter by doing research or properly experiencing it first hand for yourself, or you cease to exist on social media.

  6. @sxg FYI bitch Brunei and Saudi are a rich Asian countries and it had a shitty law there, try to visit them and you’ll know. This was sad that these gay American men and this interviewer Adam Baran were racist to those gay men outside their country.


    I love porn but I’m curious about this platform that some people are so passionate about.

    Are people proposing that gay porn should only hire gay models? Are people proposing gay men should only watch gay porn? For someone who states they truely represent the LGBT community, why wouldn’t you want to support an industry (adult entertainment) that brings straight and LGBTQRSTUVXYZ people together? That’s a beautiful thing! The whole world and other industries should be like this.

    Why alienate people because of the sexuality or because of where they insert their penis? Are you proposing that all models should declare their sexuality to their fans? What’s the goal for that? Isn’t sexuality something that is private – between their own mind and genitalia? and maybe their significant other. Not you, not me. Why do they have to label themselves? What are you going to do with that information? Will it make you happy?

    If someone is dishonest about their sexuality and they are a performer (PART-time or FULL-Time) what’s the harm in that decision? Who gets hurt?

    Please note, the porn industry is not a representation of any community. It will always be a business.

    I feel like this platform that people are fighting for is full of hate or something. Labeling someone based on their sexuality. Grouping and alienating people. It reminds of straight people hating on gay people. Or people of one ethnicity hating on another. This attitude and agenda is just terrible. It’s backwards. It’s almost…illogical.

    I still don’t see the value for this stance? and I still dont know who Peter Coast is but how is he relevant to performers getting naked in front of a camera to earn some $$$?? People around the world are starving or struggling with disease, unemployment, racism, relationships and abuse but this is the platform you are passionate about – gay for pay PERFORMERS/ PERFORMERS/ ENTERTAINERS/ ACTORS lying????????????? They are just fulfilling this role in order to pay the bills and put food into their family’s mouth.

    G-d bless the world. *drops microphone*

  8. All of these idiots attacking gay porn stars for not being gay are a waste of skin. They should focus spending more time on actually enjoying the porn rather than just making sure that all the guys in gay porn are actually gay.

    Oh and here’s the reality about your opinions Asians/3rd world country gays who hate g4p models and are all over twitter/youtube/Instagram attacking them: NO ONE WHO PRODUCES GAY PORN GIVES A SHIT ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK!!!

    These blogs and twitters are used as a place to vent your frustrations with the gay porn industry, whether it’s the bad directing, the personal lives of gay porn stars, or their sexual orientation too. That’s fine. BUT do not expect the gay porn industry to change ANYTHING just because you keep attacking studios and pornstars. How many pornstars that you attacked for being G4P did you actually get to leave gay porn? ABSOLUTELY NONE! And no studio has stopped hiring G4P pornstars since you’ve been attacking them. So what you are doing is a complete waste of time! If you want to actually make a change, you have to hit them where it hurts the most, their wallet, not their content. Figure that out and you might make a noticeable change, but I won’t bet on it.

    And most of you come from 2nd/3rd world countries with shitty laws that do not do anything to protect the gay community. You should probably use all this energy to be active in your own communities to change the attitudes towards the LGBTQ community, and you may even get gay marriage to become legal in Indonesia or the Philippines, which is where it seems a lot of you come from. Use your talent of being obnoxious for something more important than something you masturbate to.

    BTW, before you tell me I’m ashamed to be or some stupid insult shit, I watch porn that is hot, whether it’s gay porn, g4p porn, bisexual porn, or even straight porn (I watch for the guys of course). Hot porn is hot porn, and shit porn will always be shit porn. A gay guy is not automatically a good performer, some are just terrible. But a g4p guy has to work harder to impress me, and there are a good number that do. And I don’t date or go after straight guys or bisexual guys when it comes to relationships. I only go after gays because I don’t share my man with any woman :)

    1. sxg Your comment shows how LUNATIC and DISGUSTING are you as a person, why did you have to include my country when in the whole Asia we are one of the most gay friendly. Do you think all Americans and Europeans agreed and addicted to g4p models like you @sxg. Shame on you bitch. Ah your marine name Joseph Pemberton murdered a transgender woman here last 2 weeks ago ;-)

    2. Indeed! This one-man crusade is so boring and tiring. I don’t even actually believe these guys are really from the Philippines. I think they’re just sitting in a basement in Boise somewhere.

      1. Nah it’s pretty obvious they are, which is why they have such a limited knowledge on gay culture and gay porn culture. And you can follow their twitter accounts and you can tell they’re not American, especially when it comes to how they type/write.

        1. How dare you sxg, gosh you hated us non Americans then you are stalking on our twitter accounts. Wow insane. Is Adam your boyfriend? Well best wishes you have the same mind and knowledge. Thanks for defending your community, if you two really gay.

      2. One man crusade? Gosh Mr. Adam I never thought that you’re such a blind and ignorant one. I was so disappointed.

  9. WOAH @minaaino5 on twitter has definitely got some mental disturbances going on. He is harassing porn models like crazy. So much effort because they are “G4P” or liars. Who cares?

  10. Homoflexible?! Really? If you like vaginas and cocks – order does not matter, than you’re fucking bisexual. Why do some have a problem with calling a spade a spade (or sword a sword is more proper lol)?
    I’m waiting until someone comes up with definition of people who have sex with sex toys, but occasionally with men/women, maybe Toyflexible?

  11. And now the self hating insecure gay fans are keep comming doing what they ONLY good at. Shame on you. The only bi man that’s seem true is Gabriel Clark.

    1. Ummm, yes you do; you worship “straight” guys and it pisses you off whenever other people say that they don’t like g4p. You fucking liar.

  12. I met Jimmy at gay pride in Miami this past year…he was whipping guys and my partner told me to go for it. Wow, he dished it out; I gave up after just two hits on the back. Red for the rest of the day! He was very hot and sexy in person; much hotter to me than in his films for some reason. He oozes hotness and sexiness!

    1. He never said anything about not wanting to label himself, fool. He just found a label he liked better.

      But no, because he didn’t choose the label YOU approve of – as if it’s any of your business – you throw a tantrum.


      Or maybe he came across the term homoflexible in the past 2 years and realised that that term describes him better than bisexual. But hey, you’re probably right, I guess you know his sexual orientation better than Jimmy himself does.

    2. Explained how Peto Coast killed “her” own boyfriend please??? I really hate you and this asshole group that tries to represent the gay community all over twitter when you live in shitholes of a country that treat you like crap. You have no clue of the LGBTQ community.

    1. You mean like Jeff Stryker, Kris Lord, Ryan Idol, Ken Ryker… those kind of gay porn stars of the past?

      You’re a naive idiot if you think it hasn’t always been this way – ever since people have been getting paid to have gay sex, there have been people who weren’t 100% gay doing it. There’s no point clutching your pearls now, Gladys.

      It’s the porn industry, of fuck’s sake. You’d think people would be a little more open and understanding of sexuality.

  13. Awww, this interview just makes me love him all the more! After this, I am just a bigger Fanz fan than ever. He just sounds so sweet and fun-loving. I would to meet and hang out with someone this cool…and adorable. Even though I love the boys personally, I admit it would be kinda hot to see him all rough and forceful with a woman. It would be like seeing a whole new side of him.

  14. According to TheSword’s lists he is BISEXUAL ( on this interview he said he’s not doing an anal sex with them?). Now he’s a homoflexible what’s the difference GOSH Im getting a headache luckily I havent watched any of his films maybe like Marcus Mojo they are white but not attractive at all not to mention his hairy body.. Jimmy seems like a good guy though so wish him the best :-)

    * He already mentioned Dominic Santos MY BLACK GUY Crush, I hope Mr. Adam will get to interview him soon.

  15. I like Jimmy, I really do, but I absolutely hate terms like heteroflexible and homoflexible. If you don’t want to call yourself either GAY or BISEXUAL or whatever, then that’s fine. But use the correct term: If you enjoy both sexes and are simply pleasure seeking, that’s HEDONISTIC.

  16. I confess I giggled when I read “”He’s very proper, articulate, and I’m just there fingering my butthole and giggling.” :D

    I liked the answer about “homoflexibility” and the difference with g4p

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