Johnny Rapid Looks Really Tired Of Getting DP’d In His 6000th Scene For

It’s actually just his 100th scene, or if you want to argue with’s count, it might be his 94th. But 100 scenes in three years! That’s a lot of ass-stretching. No wonder he’s not sure that he’s straight anymore.

Still, 100 scenes. Do you think his wife has sucked his dick that many times in the last three years? Probably not. That’s like 3 times a month. His dick and sphincter have most definitely probably seen more action from dudes most months than he got at home in that time, if I had to guess.

Now, this is also just a month after released their 1000th scene, also (no surprise) starring Johnny. He’s responsible for at least 10% of their success then, and he’s obviously their most popular star. But how long can this go on? How much more can his ass handle? Sometimes these facial expressions don’t look put on…




Yeah, that second image is pretty standard-issue Johnny Rapid “there’s two big dicks in me” face. We all remember this classic, right?



We didn’t name him The Best Face of 2012 for nothing.




But now Johnny’s whole schtick is that he keeps getting victimized and double-penetrated and we’re all just supposed to believe he really doesn’t like it. Oh, poor Johnny. He’s stuck bottoming for yet another five-way gang-bang on the gym set. And then there’s this.



Anyway. The rest of the cast is the nipple-tastic Bryce Evans, Mike De Marko, Phenix Saint, and Connor Kline in what will definitely not be the last time we see the retired star surfacing in one of the unknown number of shoots he did that they haven’t released yet.

Watch Johnny deep-throat Connor’s cock, and, yep, somehow two dicks end up in his ass again. ( would only provide this tiny, low-res trailer, so you’ll just have to watch the action here.)














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12 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid Looks Really Tired Of Getting DP’d In His 6000th Scene For”

  1. should just change their website link/name to I don’t see the appeal, he’s a skinny little twink who’s whored himself out to just about every porn top in the business. Coming from Seattle I know there are no shortages of bottoms so it’s not like couldn’t find other bottoms that aren’t over used. And this claim of him being straight or gay-for-pay and married? I have a hard time believing that he’s anything but gay.

  2. When did he say he’s not sure he’s straight anymore? Because I never believed that anyone who likes it up the ass that much and is that capable of taking it could ever be 100% straight to begin with.

    Also you have to LOL at the image of a guy thinking, as he completes his 73rd occasion of getting fucked up the ass by two dicks at the same time, “Hmm… I wonder if maybe I’m gay…?”

  3. Johnny Rapid looks better than ever, I love those blond highlights and that he is letting his hair grow longer. I think Johnny maybe getting bored with doing scenes with the same performers. The scene with Johnny Forza & Johnny Rapid was sizzling, Men needs to pair him with other young hot performers, he seems to enjoy those scenes more with performers closer to his own age.

  4. Am not surprised he looks bored, the amount of double fucking he’s had I’d be surprised if he can even feel it any more ;) lol

    Having said that, I still think he looks great getting fucked by either 1 or 2 dicks!!!… He must like it cuz he keeps taking 2 at a time!!!!… I think he should try 3 at the same time next :)

  5. It might be the sleep deprivation talking, but seeing how completely over it Johnny Rapid looks is just making me laugh and laugh and laugh.

  6. I don’t get someone who will suck four or five cocks, take mulitple loads to his face and body, get double-dicked, yet still won’t kiss a guy.

    1. He never takes loads to the face. That is unfortunate. The cum shots are actually very boring. I mean, what is a gang bang without facial cum shots

      1. Um, if you look at one of the pics above (third one down) he has cum all over his face, so yeah, he does take facials. He doesn’t swallow, but he takes facials.

  7. I still don’t see what’s the big appeal with this guy. There are much better looking guys and better performers out there, but someone in a position to do so was hell bent on making him a “star”.

    All the other guys are looking good.

  8. It seriously feels like his 6,000th. So tired of seeing this kid and the word “men” in the same sentence.

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