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When Daddy’s Not Home, You Can Always “Say Uncle”

No matter who the object of your lust may be, some desires burn so hot they force you to surrender.

“Say Uncle’, the new feature from TitanMen is the story of men and the power of unrequited, unbridled attraction from high school crushes, demanding bosses, and two best friends exchanging favors and a couple of relatives along the way.

TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch and Eddy Ceetee are joined by Luke Adams, Anthony London, Bruce Beckham, and Tex Davidson in a steamy display of submission and sexual dominance that doesn’t end until someone says “Uncle.”

[Watch “Say Uncle” at TitanMen]

The first scene dropped today with the sexual stylings of dad’s favorite lad, Luke Adams and the swarthy Anthony London.luke adams anthony london titanmen say uncleIt’s been a while since we saw Luke tap “Out” with Dirk Caber but today shows Luke has lost none of his appreciation for a hairy, hung older man. Even if it is his bestie’s Uncle. “I see you still have that big dick from last summer!” Luke says before his deepthroating resumes where he left off. Today is about finishing that unfinished business. And what a finish it is.

luke adams anthony london titanmen say uncleAfter feasting on Anthony’s dick and getting that hairy man naked, Anthony gets Luke’s backfield in motion starting with his dick and working his way up.

luke adams anthony london titanmen say uncleWhat goes up, must go in. Bent right over the counter, Luke’s dick is a hands free throbber as Uncle Tony pounds him relentlessly.

After taking a mid-fuck snack break with Luke’s hole, Anthony had Luke on his back and bangs the boy until Luke is churning out the heaviest load I have ever seen escape from him.

luke adams anthony london titanmen say uncleThis is followed by Antony taking aim and doing one better. This is just the first rip of one of the most forceful blastings of cum in recent memory.

luke adams anthony london titanmen say uncleNot one, but two massive loads in the same scene that really do look like they have been pent up for years. Since they waited this long, they don’t waste a drop. Uncle.

[Watch Luke Adams and Anthony London in “Say Uncle” scene one]

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