They don’t just do fake gay porn, they also do clothes!

Next Door Entertainment on Tuesday announced that it will celebrate the official launch of its new clothing line on Saturday in Las Vegas at Share Nightclub.

“Our new underwear collection is the beginning of what we hope to turn into a full clothing line,” said Stephan Sirard, president of Next Door Entertainment. “Join us at Share Nightclub to celebrate the beginning of something great and to get your hands on some sample giveaways!”

Is this something you would be proud to wear in public, or even in private, in front of someone who’s used to seeing you in underwear?

“We started by offering consumers and Next Door fans a product that is both comfortable and stylish, while remaining true to the Next Door brand,” Sirard said.

True to the Next Door brand? So, it’s gay-for-pay underwear. You can buy it, but you aren’t allowed to wear it or touch it.

“We introduced the three basics: boxer briefs, briefs, and the jock.”

Each style of brief will be given its own membership site, which will subsequently be shut down within a year.




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  1. Gay for pay underwear that makes the Gay4Pay Halloween costume look complete. Thank you Next Door Clothing *two thumbs up’.

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