Real Life(??) Boyfriends Austin Wilde And Anthony Romero Fuck

austinaromYou can thank Austin Wilde for introducing gay porn newcomer (and possible boyfriend?) Anthony Romero to you. You can also watch them have sex below.

Wilde is good at playing the “are they or aren’t they” game (see: his showmance with str8 guy Cliff Jensen), as evidenced by his tweets to Romero over the past few weeks. I’ve been stalking their correspondance and it looks like they’re at least casually dating?

If they are a couple in real life, having sex in their private lives has given them an on-set advantage. Here they are in a new clip from “My Brother’s Hot Friend”:


[My Brother’s Hot Friend]

8 thoughts on “Real Life(??) Boyfriends Austin Wilde And Anthony Romero Fuck”

  1. They are a great couple :) Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero are so sweet in there new video on cocky boys! I’ve like both actors since time and always had a crush on both Of them :) I’m happy there together!!!!!

  2. omg i love austin wilde and his awesome website. damn i want to arrest austin for for being so fucking sexy and so hot.

      1. personal preference. I like tattoos, if you think that poorly about them maybe keep some of the negative comments to yourself and don’t be so nasty.

        Now there we go, ‘nasty’ looks bad on everyone.

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