gabriel cross ryan rose falcon

Ryan Gives Gabriel Cross One Rosy Hole

Is the heat generated today as one of the world’s hottest tops fucks one of the hottest bottoms responsible for accelerating global warming?

Along with Sean Zevran, fellow Falcon Studios Group exclusive Ryan Rose is one of the few sexually gifted men who can truly give it as well as they get it. They demonstarte a total mastery of the art of fucking ass whatever position they are in.

One look at the ass of Gabriel Cross and it’s no wonder Ryan Rose is all top today in this second scene from “Desert Getaway” from Falcon.

gabriel cross ryan rose falcon
The scorching sexuality of “Desert Getaway” began last week in that sun-swept flip between Jacob Peterson and Jonah Fontana. The visually stunning production continues today as a love letter between Ryan’s cock and the sheer splendor of Gabriel’s pale English rosebud. Ryan looms large over Gabriel when they are standing. Ryan is large in Gabriel when they are not.

gabriel cross ryan rose falcon
One of the things that makes Ryan such a legendary top is that he is a generous one. A generous one with some mad skills whether concentrated on a hole or a pole.

gabriel cross ryan rose falcon
Gabriel once admitted to jacking off watching Connor Maguire fuck him. I hope he hasn’t put the lube away. We’re all going to need it.

gabriel cross ryan rose falcon
Check out Gabriel hanging on as Ryan fucks him right back the UK. One hot top and one hot bottom make for a good start. But it’s how hot this top and bottom are for each other from the very first frame that gives “Desert Getaway” scene two, a big, cum-filled finish.

[Watch Gabriel Cross and Ryan Rose in the “Desert Getaway” scene two feature]

5 thoughts on “Ryan Gives Gabriel Cross One Rosy Hole”

  1. I just wish that a scene has been recorded with Gabriel rimms Ryan good and long and then, fuck him. I hope it is already done, because Gabriel destroyed his largen potential entering bareback.

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