Sean Cody, Back to Form, Puts Randy and Lane Together and It’s Hot

We know from earlier this week that Sean Cody is going to be bringing back as many old favorites as they can and doing a bit less new-model recruitment, trying to focus on high-quality scenes. And the latest fits the bill.

Finishing out the week we have big-dicked Randy circling back to fuck happy bottom Lane. And though Lane might have seemed like he fell in love with Forrest a couple weeks back, he is most certainly in love with Randy’s cock.

These two have some hot sex all over Ye Olde Sectional, and the floor, but it’s when Randy starts pile-driving Lane’s hole that Lane can’t help but blow his load.

Just look at that face…











[Sean Cody: Randy and Lane]


22 thoughts on “Sean Cody, Back to Form, Puts Randy and Lane Together and It’s Hot”

  1. Love Randy. He’s a big lug with a huge cock and how what to do with it. They need to bring back Calvin, Jeffrey, Jake and a few other I can’t thing of right now

    1. Agree. That’s Randy”s appeal. He is “a big lug with a huge cock” and he sure does know how to use it.

  2. Randy is hot but we know Brandon is unparalled..what makes me got interested is how a straight guy can make love to a guy with eye to eye contact. Im still having a headache thinking that.

    1. Brandon may be a bit more attractive than Randy, but as a performer Brandon is shit. Randy not only has the better dick, he’s a better top, he’s a better cocksucker, and he even bottoms from time to time.

      1. “a bit”? That’s like saying Brad Pitt is a bit more attractive than Jack Nicholson. Except for the “shit” characterization, I agree with the rest of your critique.

        1. I don’t put Brandon on such a high pedestal because I don’t think facewise he’s all that attractive either. He’s a bit too goofy looking. Is it more attractive than Randy’s? Yes. But as far as other faces at SC like Tanner, David, Jamie, Liev, Spencer, Landon, etc. Brandon’s doesn’t compare.

          1. I agree with you about Jamie and I think Stu is probably better looking than all of them facially and body. But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    1. i am not old nor do i think i am boring but tattoos are not for me,thats just my preference worth nothing more or less. i dont get it either, i used to think they were something different or special, something that would set you apart from the crowd. if you do NOT have a tattoo now, that will set you apart, there is no longer anything special or different about a tattoo, they are ubiquitous. the unfortunate thing now though seems to be these enormous garish looking ones that seem to be an attempt to out do anyone else who has decided to get one. i see so many beautiful guys here in porn land and so many have, in only my opinion, just ruined their looks. i think it would be a very interesting study as to why poorer, less educated guys tend to go more for them. this again is my perception as i agree with the writer above that ive found it true to see more with pooer less educated, i work at a university and have noticed this with of course a few exceptions, but not many

      1. “i think it would be a very interesting study as to why poorer, less educated guys tend to go more for them.”

        Actually it wouldn’t. And why do you insist on stereotyping “poorer, less educated guys”? Do they also wear wife-beaters?

    1. Right?!

      It’s bizarre…especially the overwhelming prevalence in those from poorer and less educated backgrounds. I wonder what happens to those from wealthier highly educated areas that leads them to be disinterested? What a fascinating sociological research topic.

      1. LOL! Sweet Jesus, people. Body ink is universal now. Even those in the “wealthier highly educated areas” sport tats. Complaining about it is like getting mad over musical choices.

        1. That doesn’t mean 99% of the people who have it have shit taste in tattoos and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s not fucking ugly. What a waste of a body.

    2. Lane is far from the worst case, but I hear you. Simply because every stitch is off, I don’t think there’s any other venue that’ll more exhaust you of tattoos than gay porn.
      When any trend gets to such a saturation point as tattooing has, then getting one isn’t being daring or original, it’s bowing to conformity itself. Not worth turning a head for at this point, to me they’re now all like billboard clutter along the highway you try to mentally tune out.
      On Cody’s return to form, not a second too soon, and bravo. I’d like to see Cameron and David working again, as well as action scenes with new guys Elliot (3/29/15) and Drew (4/30/15).

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