sean cody brandon gets fucked

Five Sean Cody Years & Brandon Bottoms … Again

Happy Fifth Anniversary, Brandon. I guess every five years, you have to bottom at Sean Cody, like it or not. Last time, he hated it almost as much as we did. Second time’s the charm?

Last Thanksgiving, Brandon’s bottoming debut was one the biggest gay porn debacles of all time. In hindsight, it’s almost merciful it was over before it ever got started. Brandon was a shrivel-dicked and lifeless and Tanner faux-fucked him like he was a china doll that would break.

He’ll be on his back again tonight. At the least, it will make this Memorial Day Weekend memorable. Hopefully, this time, the only reason it will be hot is not that it’s now summer.

sean cody brandon gets fucked The ingredients are there. Topping Brandon will be Chase. Chase, muscular, hard fucking Chase who just made a truly triumphant return to Sean Cody earlier this month. Look, if he could make the often insufferable Porter watchable, imagine him with Brandon? Hope and baby steps, people.

sean cody brandon gets fucked
Brandon has at times been the definition of what Diesel Washington said on Tuesday, “I call that the Leo G effect. You take a hot guy, who’s physically flawless, beautiful face, nice dick, hot ass, but watching them is like watching paint dry.” On the other hand, hesure rocked Manny’s world last time he was on the site.

The crucial difference with Brandon is that he can also be so lovable and goofy, his fans remain smitten regardless. And with good reason. Brandon has his shining moments.

sean cody brandon gets fucked
At least, Brandon seems to be having a much better time.

sean cody brandon gets fucked
And even Brandon on a bad day brings more to the screen than many a model on their best days. So Happy Anniversary, Brandon, and thank you.

sean cody brandon gets fucked
It would appear we have some genuine penetration going on

Second time’s the charm? We’ll know tonight!

[Watch “Brandon & Chase: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

12 thoughts on “Five Sean Cody Years & Brandon Bottoms … Again”

  1. Brandon needs to bottom more, so that he will get into it more. He looks soooo adorable and hot at the same time. I don’t know what the Brandon-haters are commenting about, but for me, I can watch him in any video.

  2. Brandon is the Golden Boy of SC. He is physically beautiful, has a fun personality and is a good performer.

  3. Wouldn’t the film have been much better if Chase had been more cooperative? A drum roll should commence on the blogs for him to bottom or retire. I thought Brandon’s performance seemed forced, but I appreciate him forcing to entertain us.

    1. I love You Brandon
      You are My top number 1 crush
      I cum in few seconds when I see you bottoming. I’d wish I were Elon Musk to Buy You a Big house and luxuries for You.

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