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Stiff Competition: Robert or Axel?

Two new guys in two new solos. They both show their asses. Including the one who shouldn’t have.

On the left, Robert from Sean Cody. On the wrong, Axel from ChaosMen. And this time, two wrongs make a blight.

First up, Robert from Sean Cody. Pretty easy on the eyes and for those southern drawl lovers, the ears too. He looks like the kind of military guy you’d see around Ft. Bragg in the Carolina’s and wonder what was under the fatigues. Wonder no more.

sean cody robert
Regulation crew cut. Regulation cut cock. And quite a smile. “I wanna get super freaky out here” he says. I have a feeling his definition of super freaky and ours might not be the same thing.

sean cody robert
Gotta love the back view too. Unlike most of the premier solos at Sean Cody, the still pics aren’t the only time you see that beautiful ass.

We actually get to see it motion. How about that for a vista? Only thing missing is my Randy’s dick.

[Watch Robert work his pretty dick and butt at Sean Cody]

Next up, Axel from ChaosMen.

sean cody robert
I agree with Brian at ChaosMen, Axel’s ink and muscles make him one “mature” looking twenty year old. He works out and practices martial arts every day. He wants us to know that. He also wants us to know he has a girlfriend.

sean cody robert
He does seem pretty relaxed on camera. Almost like he was giving the lens a treat.

sean cody robert
And while I don’t think this is the same kind of dingleberry situation we saw over at Next Door a couple of weeks ago, it looks like something got a little too close to that hole. Maybe it was a razor when it should have been a baby wipe.

[See Axel crank his axel at ChaosMen]

I wouldn’t exactly call this a horse race, but here’s your chance to weigh in. If you are looking for stiffer competition, make sure to vote for your man in our “Who’s the Hottest Ginger in Gay Porn?” Derby de Amour.


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[Watch Robert at Sean Cody]
[See Axel at ChaosMen]

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