Sean Cody’s Deron Gets a Next Door Male Makeover as ‘Blayne’

It’s been a little over a year since we first saw Deron make his debut on Sean Cody. He was a handsome, mega-masculine, muscly guy back then with a great smile and kill-me-know-amazing chest, and he remains all of that and more, but now going by the name Blayne on Next Door Male.

It looks like the Next Door team may be grooming Blayne for some upcoming star turns in the sack with their stable of studs, but for this second solo jerkoff effort we get to see Blayne as soccer stud, and Blayne as wrestling stud in a singlet before we get to see Blayne, with his new porn name, jerk his cock and cum. He has a rocking body, no doubt, and I even enjoy listening to him talk. He tells the tale as old as time of moving from his hometown (D.C.) to L.A. to become a movie star. And, since that didn’t work out, he obviously wants to cash in on the body he’s been working on for so many years before it’s too late.

He likes to top, or so he says, so please, porn gods, let him soon be fucking the hungry and willing ass of Christian Cayden. We’re pretty sure it could make him a big star.

Oh, and he cums a lot. Like a lot. Like, here’s him on Sean Cody coating himself with a bucket’s worth.

Here’s what Deron/Blayne looked like last year.

And here’s a Sean Cody-style close-up of Blayne/Deron’s cock.

And now, the Next Door makeover.

Okay. Now I’m sweating a little. Yes please.

[Next Door Male: Blayne]
[Sean Cody: Deron]


11 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Deron Gets a Next Door Male Makeover as ‘Blayne’”

  1. Super Marco Manuel

    Of all the gay porn studios,Deron is making Next Door scenes.

    The reason so much gay porn stars choose Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher,could be because they are the few gay porn studios that test the men.Also,these gay for pay studios pays men better than the average big gay porn studios.Its not surprising that Randy Blue men stays at Randy Blue.

    Kevin Crows stoped making gay porn because most studios didnt tested the men.He wanted to make sure that the men were tested and being HIV negatives.So,he went making straight porn instead.Because straight porn test porn stars.Unlike most gay porn who doesnt test men.

    Deron his wasted at Next Door.He is hot,but,he is making videos for the worst gay porn studio.

    Deron could easily make Falcon movies or Raging Stallion movies.

  2. NDS does this a lot. Recently with Taylor Wolf & Adam Payne, who started as Mitchel Knight & Trevor Grant from /

  3. Christian Cayden has a beautiful face. But he also has a lemon merengue ass and looks borderline crazy. Deron (or blaine or whatever) is in a league of attractiveness that is almost completely missing in the porn industry today.

  4. lol Next Door always getting Sean Cody’s leftovers. and even still, they’ll never put out something on par with Sean Cody.

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