Taking Bets Now That This Was Not Joey’s First Time Bottoming

Whatever. It’s always Sean Cody‘s schtick. They’re all straight, or vaguely straight, and arriving at Chez Cody they’ve never seen another guy’s dick let alone sucked one, let alone get fucked by one. But as soon as they’re bent over Ye Olde Sectional it’s all “Ohhh yeah, that feels so good. Yeah, right there dude.”

Who’s first time bottoming, in the history of all humanity, was ever like that? Sure, maybe they’re opening him up off camera and he’s all, “Ow ow ow!! GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!” But all we see is brand new bareback bottom Joey being an immediate power bottom whore, loving that cock up his ass from the first second Matt shoves it in, no crying, no blood, no nothing.

Anyway, he’s another big-eared cutie like Richard Pierce, and his body is real nice.

He just might go far.











[Sean Cody: Joey & Matt Bareback]


18 thoughts on “Taking Bets Now That This Was Not Joey’s First Time Bottoming”

  1. Joey obviously was an experienced bottom from the get-go of his very first scene with another man. Who’s kidding whom? But that’s OK, ’cause he’s very good at it, and his scenes are hot!

  2. Based on my own first several experiences, Joey doesn’t seem like a virgin to me. I think we went through a half a jar of vasoline my first time and my partner nutted before he was all the way in. Serious ‘ouch!’ but I was glad I did it — a rite of passage. it took several times before i began to enjoy it somewhat. the first time i really enjoyed was when i was in college a few years later with a thirty five year old stud i met at a gym. he knew what he was doing and it went right in and he wasn’t small!

  3. maybe it’s first time with a dick vs the dildo that they used to open them up with. If they practiced with a dildo the day before and that day, their ass should be opened up, no? And then it’s like fish to water.

    1. no blood the first time but about an hour later i felt something leak. i thought i was bleeding to death. i panicked and ran to the bathroom. as soon as i dropped trow i smelled the cum!

  4. I wish Sean Cody would just stop his lame comments during the film. They really add nothing. There’s no need to lie and tell his audience they’re straight, or gay for that matter. No one is on that site cares. We’re on there to see hot guys fuck.

    1. I don´t agree. I´m very interested in their sexual orientation. But of course I want to hear the truth. And not models telling they are gay, just to please the audience.

    2. Actually the first two comments here, which are grasping for explanations that allow them to continue to believe that these guys are straight and it is their first time, show that there are plenty of guys who really do get off on this totally implausible fantasy. Who are we to jolt them out of their dream world.

    3. their comments are no where near as lame as Corbin Fisher’s. Without asking intrusive questions, SC gives you a much better idea about who these guys really are.

  5. I have a very simple theory. All guys who bottoms for the 1st time on camera have most likely done some training sessions (with the gay porn company) before.

    At BelAmi all new models do three-four training sessions off-camera, before they do their first scene on camera. It´s impossible that the guys at SC/CF/RB are doing their first time on camera. Nearly all are much too good bottoms to make me believe that they are bottoming for the very first time.

    Lastly, Just to be plain – even if the newcomers could be rather at ease bottoming, of course far from all scenes are good.

    1. there’s a rumour that dawson’s retirement position is giving the newbs their 1st time. probably just a rumour.

      honestly, i don’t see how they could do a ‘dry’ run. they fly the guys in and only have them for a couple of days at a time. all porn companies use pre-scene butt-spreaders even on gay models who have been fucked hundreds of times just to make sure there are no hitches.

      still i agree that joey’s been around the block a couple of times. football hazings gone bad . . .

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