The Circumcision Of Erik Rhodes

In between crying/complaining on Tumblr and making movies for Falcon, Erik Rhodes found time to remove the foreskin from his penis. This is kind of insane.

Two months ago, at the suggestion of his doctor, Rhodes’ was circumcised due to sensitivity/pain in his penis. But undergoing the procedure as an adult causes even more sensitivity/pain, albeit temporary, and comes with mixed results, in terms of sexual effects. For what it’s worth, I had an ex-boyfriend who was circumcised in his late teens and his dick looked and worked fine.

Anyway! How is Erik doing?

So far… not the best experience of my life.

Uh oh…

Not my first choice in things i would like to have done to myself… and honestly i’m regretting listening to my doctor. I think i’m just being impatient… it takes a lot of healing… i mean, most people have it done as kids, so by the time they know what they are doing with it, its been years… i’m only a couple months in and i’m just not used to it…

I will admit… even though it wasn’t a cosmetic decision… i mean, it was always an awkward situation trying to explain why i wasn’t… i think every boyfriend i ever had, upon first seeing it, were thrown off… with a look on there face like “i don’t understand, i’m not sure i’m into this”, which never felt great, even with how comfortable i was with myself. I think i was more used to seeing it in the industry and not really thinking much of it… but when real life would kick in sometimes, it was weird to see how stupid people could be… i remember having to explain to my first boyfriend that at one point he was uncut as well. So dumb.

I been trying to play it off as a joke… a way to stay fresh in the industry after so many years… you gotta switch it up right?

On the left, Rhodes uncut in Falcon’s Velvet Mafia. On the right, Rhodes cut, screen-capped from his Falcon live show last night.

Samuel Colt, who bottomed for a post-circumcision Rhodes last month, tells me what the new cock felt like:

It was like…pain…but the kind you want more of. It was one of those fucks where you feel like you have to shit and throw up at the same time cause it is in there so deep. I’m not sure what it was like before, but I would say it is still pretty damn nice.

By the looks of it in these webcam shots (via GayXXXBlog), it’s as big and as thick as it was before–which is honestly all I care about–so everything should be fine.

By the way, if you’re an anti-circumcision nut and you’re about to leave a comment calling circumcision a form of genital mutilation, calm down. First, Erik Rhodes is an adult who made an adult medical decision. Second, without cut cocks, uncut cocks would be less exotic and less appealing. We need all kinds of cocks in order to fully appreciate them, and the more different shapes and sizes of cocks, the better.

Get well soon, Erik!

[Falcon; Erik Rhodes; GayXXXBlog]


74 thoughts on “The Circumcision Of Erik Rhodes”

  1. Americans only choose circumcision for Money gimmicks.. They use foreskin for biological testing. So fucking gross.. There’s a reason 80% of men Globally are NOT circumcised.. Because they believe not making money off of Human Genitals is Morale correct. America is Trashy as hell

  2. Did anyone realize that he did that cause he wants to stay fresh for the Industry? Now he’s dead for more than 2 years. SO What?

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  4. It’s good that he was granted the opportunity to make this decision for himself at an age when he could provide valid consent for an elective surgery.

  5. It was a beautiful penis, I like it as it was, but that’s just my opinion. He’s an adult and allowed to do with it as he pleases. He clearly states it was for cosmetic reasons, so even though I’m an intactivist, my only concern is its not done on children, adults, do as you will.

  6. um, first, i’m uncut. second i got a phimosis, and i had to hand it carefully with doctor’s attention. they already suggest me to have circumcised, but i always think i can manage it until i got well again. this time i even can’t retract my foreskin. i even think it is a mistake i didn’t get circumcised when i was a kid. mostly of my friend were circumcised and they never got a problem about it. this life is bigger rather just to compare circumcised and not circumcised. i even think about being circumcised, in order to make myself cured. circumcision does’t make people rich, nor smart. so who care about being circumcised or not? if you like circumcised, you should find for it. and if you like uncircumcised, you should go for it. if we talk about baby’s right, it’s fine, but who is take care of them? of course their own parents, right? it is definitely depend on them to decide whether their baby should be circumcised or not. even teenager here prefer to be circumcised rather than not. they feel shy when they had not been circumcised, like me also. i never use toilet public because i’m uncircumcised. so, maybe i’ll do it in a months, try to find a good day. well, i definitely prefer circumcised cocks. it looks more beautiful. end of story. and yes, he looks great!

    1. Hi John , I was circumcised at one , I’ve always hated being circumcised , and I’ve developed ( because of non-censented circumcision ? ) a foreskin fetish , and a phimosis fetish !

      I live in Europe , where almost all men are intact , and I’ve had sex with several phimotic men . They don’t seem to have any problem with it , and I think a dick with phimosis is the hottest thing on earth !

      Just to say that if you get circumcised , and then meet your dream man who might be a phimosis lover like me , he could be very disapointed that you didn’t stay natural the way nature created you .

  7. He looks great! Wasn’t it recommended by his physician to have this done?

    I prefer cut cocks, but to each his own.

    It is certainly easier to keep a cut cock cleaner.

    1. It’s also easier to keep a cut vagina (absent the labia minora and clitoral hood) clean, and there are plenty of people in certain countries and cultures who prefer cut vaginas. Please consider that when you say you prefer surgically altered genitals. You have a right to that preference, but most circumcisions occur in infancy or childhood, at which time they are a violation of the much more fundamental right to one’s own body (which should only be trespassed upon when the individual is unable to speak for themselves and their life is in immediate danger).

      Just wanted to offer some perspective.

  8. “By the way, if you’re an anti-circumcision nut…”

    What a nutty thing to say. I wish a “nut” had saved me from the knife. Why is it “nutty” to recognize it medically unethical to slice healthy, functioning parts off a future man’s penis? The ones apologizing for the baby penis slicers are the nuts. You’re a nut for making such a comment.

    “…and you’re about to leave a comment calling circumcision a form of genital mutilation…”

    Which it is

    “…calm down.”

    Then stop trolling

    “First, Erik Rhodes is an adult who made an adult medical decision.”

    You happen to be quite correct. But considering the context here quite naive and patronizing. You thought this to be some revelation arrived at only by someone as brilliant as you? And that anti-baby-penis slicers don’t comprehend this nuance? You come off like like quite a simpleton here.

    “Second, without cut cocks, uncut cocks would be less exotic and less appealing.”

    Um…WTF?! You’re saying one reason to defend the slicing and disfiguring of babies is so anatomically complete genitalia will be “exotic and appealing”? What a perfectly NUTTY thing to say!

  9. What an argument. It’s almost like with abortions. People wanna tell you how to live. I was circumcised as a child and am attempting to restore skin to cover my glans. So i am longing for a foreskin. But I can see that guys have been on both sides of the equation and there was some interesting arguments for circumcision that i read here, that I never thought of, e.g., you can bang harder cause the frenulum isn’t being stretched on a thrust. Interesting. In any case, I think the subject, Erik, was only whining because it was taking a while to heal, not that he had the circumcision in the first place.

    Keep talking guys

  10. Posted on Erik’s blog four days ago, in response to a guy who is considering getting cut:

    “Don’t do it.… Worse mistake of my life. I would work with a doctor first and see if there are ways to help loosen the skin to make it more comfortable. Honestly I find myself fantasizing about still having it….”

  11. How sad, why did he mutilate himself. His cock was so hot before with all that yummy foreskin.

    I mean, the surgery doesn’t even look like it came out good, it looks horrible, probably the worst circumcision I’ve ever seen.

    You also have to realize that A MAJORITY OF MEN on this planet are uncircumcised. Go to UK, every guy is uncut. Sad to see such stigma about uncut guys in the US causing hot cocks to turn out looking mutilated.

  12. It is his body and his right to do with it as he pleases and at least his parents left that choice in his hands.

  13. How to make a beautiful cock ugly with one quick snip! Bad advice from a Dr show obviously has no idea what he is talking about. Very great pity, it really should be criminal.

  14. As the guy who started the Fantastic Foreskin site, this breaks my heart. Foreskin isn’t “extra skin.” It’s full of nerve endings that bring an amazing amount of sexual pleasure. Some of us were chopped against our will as babies. At least Erik got to experience the joys of his beautiful foreskin!
    I wish he could have been my foreskin donor. I would have put that ‘skin to good use!

    1. Jason Philipps

      You say the foreskin is “full of nerve endings” but that means nothing. Our entire skin is full of nerve endings or otherwise we’d not know if there was anything touching us or we had been injured. You were RIC’d (routine infant circumcision) so you’ll never be able to fully appreciate what it’s like. Only guys like me, cut post-puberty know the difference. I have seven other friends (it’s amazing how having a cut cock in Britain can start conversations between strangers in gym changing rooms!) and a nephew who were cut as adults and they all love their ‘new tools’. If an uncut guy could experience cut, knowing it could be reversed if he didn’t like it, there’d be few foreskins hanging around today. I’m passionately pro-cut after once being as passionate about my foreskin but I’ve had an epiphany and love it. If you were cut at birth, be happy as you are missing nothing. If you’re thinking of getting cut, go for it and you’ll love it too!

      1. Thanks for that non-random survey, N=7, of men circumcised as adults, on which you apparently base the proposition that babies should be circumcised before they cam resist. Interesting that you’re so keen that other guys should jump off the same cliff you did, without knowing whether they’re over the pool you were, or the rocks.

        The foreskin is full of not just any nerve-endings, but specialied ones like those of the fingertips or lips. That’s why a kiss on the lips is more erotic than one on the cheek and you don’t kiss your auntie on the lips. They confer what has been described as “a symphony of sensation” which provides the feedback that gives not just “more sensitivity” but more feedback and hence better control. The frenulum, that many circumcised men consider the “male G-spot”, is just a remnant of that ridged band of nerves. And the rolling action is fun in itself.

  15. American’s mania for disfiguring their young boys is very depressing. Many of these so-called problems associated with an unmutilated penis stem from old Victorian Era wivestales when it was taught that having a foreskin encouraged masturbation. It is a shame that some of these old chestnuts are still being displayed on this site by people who should know better. And his penis looks horrible and misshapen now and, of course, with an ugly scar. Are you sure he didn’t have a reaction to some sort of “procedure”?

    1. Jason Philipps

      His tool is a bit swollen along the line where he was sutured after the op. It will remain this way for some weeks as the odema recedes. Then it’ll probably look ok. The most cosmetically elegant cuts are achieved in infancy using the Gomco clamp which requires no sutures. It’s the method used on most American boys but when nocturnal erections begin, after puberty, the clamp can’t be used due to the wound requiring sutures.

      A circumcision that’s high and tight
      Looks real good and feels so right!


  16. Jason Philipps

    As a guy who was cut at 22, I’m qualified to comment on the issue of circumcision, unlike any guy cut at birth or who is uncut. Cosmetically, Erik’s cut is not the best that could be done and he’d been better served by a specialist rather than a jobbing surgeon. Foreskins are hugely over-rated, especially by men who still have theirs and, as someone who’d had ten years of sexual experience by the time my tool was trimmed, l can say that life as a ‘cut’ is a thousand times better. Let’s be honest, foreskins serve no essential purpose, as if they did there wouldn’t be such a huge variation in their length or thickness. They’re just a throwback from the time when we crawled outta the primeval swamp.

    Not just the hygiene aspect is better but sex-play can be fabulously rough as there’s no frenulum tugging back uncomfortably on my stroke! As the old saying goes, “a cut dick can sure take some stick! Sensitivity is just the same, so don’t believe what you read/hear about the head getting tough and dry; it’s been clinically proved otherwise. In 2010 a survey in Spain was taken from 19,000 men who’d had adult cuts for medical reasons and an amazing 97% said they far preferred their cut cocks. If asked as an early teenager would l like to be circumcised I would have said ‘no way’ but now would not have a foreskin again for any money.

    I hope Erik heals up nicely and eventually discovers the many wonderful joys of being cut. For any guy thinking of liberating himself from his foreskin then do as l did and seek out a specialist adult circumciser and not just your average Doctor with a scalpel!

    Less is more…!

    Jason, cut n proud!!

    1. “In 2010 a survey in Spain was taken from 19,000 men who’d had adult cuts for medical reasons and an amazing 97% said they far preferred their cut cocks.”

      Please provide a reference for that study. Even if it is true, if they’d been circumcised “for medical reasons”, their sex would have been sub-optimal before the operations, so of course they would prefer it afterwards. There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  17. Well..since everyone is chiming in…I will put my three cents into this discussion. Basically all I’m hearing about is “what I prefer..want is nicer…what is better…what everyone should do..first of all it doesn’t matter if he should or should not get circumcised, the deed is done…he admits and i quote “Not my first choice in things i would like to have done to myself… and honestly i’m regretting listening to my doctor.”…secondly…he did not do it for any one here. Truly all of you should know a man is a man circumcised or not. I have more thing to worry about then if my husband is cut or long as i love him and he loves me IT DOESN’T MATTER. All i hear is the same bullshit spouted off like a butch of cackling hens…you’ll get more std’s or aids if you’re uncut…bullshit…and anyone that repeats that shit should state the rest of the facts…the only reason that statement maybe a medical fact is there are MORE uncut men in the world then there are cut(google it)…and that’s a global medical fact….acting if being circumcised is a cure all. Another thing we should be ashamed of that we allow our kids and nephews to make fun of someone because of such a thing…and as A GROWN ASS MEN we need to have a better attitude about it also. All the talk about equal this equal that…but you all still have these hang ups about circumcised vs uncircumcised…turning into a them versus us thing that makes no sense. I like the fact that there are cut and uncut men…i like variety…and I would be extremely bored if everyone and everything was exact the same…how dull would life be.

    1. “I like the fact that there are cut and uncut men…”
      But it isn’t just a fact in isolation. There are cut and uncut men because other people chose to have some of them cut without their consent, for reasons that have little or nothing to do with anything the men would have wanted.

      “i like variety…and I would be extremely bored if everyone and everything was exact the same…how dull would life be.” Is it boring that hardly any women are cut (because it’s illegal)? Isn’t the natural variation in genitalia enough for anyone? (That plus the occasional surprise body mod, chosen by the person themself?)

      1. Hugh7, I agree with the things you are saying, but lets not forget that there will be circumcised men…by their choice or not…but that is something that I cannot control. Yes it would be nice for men to be able to decide for themselves…but that should be a issue better taken up with their parents. Now to address the statement of variety…well I do…when I refer to variety it includes: shape, size, color, length, girth, grooming…not just cut or uncut…and to clarify further…I am not pro-circumcision, if that was what you were implying.

  18. Cut men are freaks! Masochist! Acrotomophiles!These folks, sometimes called devotees, feel a sexual, ecstatic joy when fantasizing about. In some extreme cases, that desire turns inward — leading to the powerful urge to self-amputate (apotemnophilia).

  19. This is the dumbest thing to do! It is body mutilation. I might date a guy cut at birth but a guy cut by choice Never! I grew up is so cal and never dated a cut guy. I worthless dick now!

  20. So no one has heard of stretching?!
    I had a similar issue where the skin was tight and painful when hard. But over time I was able to gently stretch the skin.
    Now it’s much better. I would never consider cutting unless my life was in danger.
    And the comment about harbouring viruses etc – don’t you clean yourself?! sheesh
    (tho a lot of uncut guys simply don’t know how to clean themselves, and not necessarily their fault, they just weren’t taught/shown how to clean themselves)
    People should just be aware there are alterntives to simply cutting – and it seems most doctors are all too happy to cut (in the US at least).

  21. I was circumcised as a mature adult. No pain and no problems after. Just a week or two settling into my new ‘home’.
    Why the hysteria about this ? A foreskin harbors too many lethal viruses and bacteria to be considered 100% safe.
    An uncircumcised man is many times more likely to pick up and pass on yeast infections, S.T.D.s and AIDS.
    There are advisories out there about cancers of the Cervix, Rectum, Mouth and Throat caused by unprotected
    sexual activities with uncircumcised men. This is Medical FACT not fiction.
    As for the ignorance thrown around the Net about sexual pleasure after circumcision,
    i can only say from Personal Experience that I feel just as much pleasure if not more. No over sensitivity to make things
    come in a rush. I last much much longer. So much more time to explore and discover what’s really there but gets missed in
    the rush to the fence.

    1. So you chose to get yourself circumcised and you like the result? Good for you, and good on your wise parents for leaving you the choice. You don’t say why you had it done, and it looks as if all your “medical” and sexual claims were thrown in after the fact. Many men who were circumcised as adults, especially those who weren’t having problems that circumcision relieved, or didn’t do it for a fetishistic reason, or had it done under some duress, are NOT happy with the outcome.

  22. Some people and many here it seems now I see will NEVER GET IT! Dumb as stumps and spout redrick to show just how really backwoods HICK they are! Yes there is much debate on this subject and there should be for the right reason thou. In this case clearly repeated more then once by HIM and the writer of the story. It was a educated and needed medical procedure! Erik clearly had a issue or a medical problem that he went to a doctor for. In the course of the Doctor do ing HIS JOB to cure or serve his patient. He told Erik the options he had and reasons for them all. Erik and him came to decision that ERIK would need to have this procedure to cure or fix or make ERIK’s life better for the reasons they did. Erik HAD it done! If you rednecks would like to get a medical degree or live with the same medical issue Erik had and did not wish to anymore. And felt it wise to do this. SO be it, do not ahve it done then. But please STFU about things you know nothing about and showing your ignorence for. ENUFF SAID!

    For the record I had TWO nephews that had it done at 12 and 13 at the same time. Both had it done during teh summer break form school for many reasons. Some were not serious some were and to correct something wrong for them they did not wish to live with. Here they are that they decided on to get cut from. So get the facts and stop the BS. Again yes doing it for the sake of doing it needs to have a debate on and is a personal thing. Weather your on one side or the other of the god made you this way and it is male mutilation or not. I am CUT thou. And was at birth.

    1)Cleaning. They had issues of not doing it well as kids. And yes they were told to get with it and do it better cleaning and such as we all SHOULD! and the infections they were getting was no reason to get cut due to it. Clean better is all. A reason if they will not or can not to get it thou too. Take away the problem and it is solved for good.
    2)Too tight foreskin as they grew older from babies. It hurt and was sore and not a nice thing to live with at times when hard or getting hard as KIDS DO!. But could live, but not fun for them in thier mind! So this was a reason to get it.
    3)Kids in locker room. Yes I know thinking your a freak in the school locker room shower is NO REASON to us. But it is to a 11 and 12 year old boy. Whom no lie were the ONLY TWO in the school. Yea we know they were celebrties just did not know it. But they did not think so. SO yes it is in a way a reason to get cut. It is called a self image issue.

    Take all three and you get two male 12 and 13 yr olds getting cut and wanting it. Thou later they did say it was hell that summer. But happy they did it for sure after the pain was over and healing was done.

    1. “Some people and many here it seems now I see will NEVER GET IT! Dumb as stumps and spout redrick to show just how really backwoods HICK they are!”

      First of all, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you seriously just call other people dumb in that abortion of a literate sentence? The only people cutting their children’s dick parts off these days are the poor, illiterate (see above), dirty fuckwits like you and your family. Clearly soap and water are too much for your kind to handle, kind of like the English language.

    2. 1. Cleaning. If they were getting infections, that could be due to premature forcible retraction (see #2) or irritation from using too strong a soap. How come this is only a problem in the USA? In the rest of the developed world, doctors value the foreskin an know how to treat problems with it.
      2. Tightness. There are various surgical and non-surgical options.
      3. Conformity. They needed reassurance, not surgery. See and

  23. Well, for those who didn’t read the complete article. He said “Two months ago, at the suggestion of his doctor, Rhodes’ was circumcised due to sensitivity/pain in his penis.”

    He was in pain!!!! i understand because i have the same problem. I have a pretty thick and decent cock 9″ and the skin around the head is very tight. I can pull the skin back but i have to do it slowly. if i masturbate i can’t pull the skin back and fourth over the head. I have been forced sexually to be a bottom because being a top hurts sooooo much. I was thinking about doing the same thing even though it means a cpl months of pain.

    Before you start talking about, pretty penises, mutilation etc…. put ur self in his/our shoes.

    1. of course, your problem is due to a tight foreskin. Anyone who is smart knows that you CAN stretch it out to be more comfortable and have full range of motion with it. Of course, like a typical doctor he will recommend circumcision. Its not needed. No Im not an anti-circumcision nut or whatever you want to call it. Im just saying there is a smarter and more informed choice. Do research first, Just cause hes a doctor doesnt mean what he says is best for you. Different Doctors will all tell you different things. Apparently he had a doctor that wanted money for the surgery.

    2. Hey – adult circumcision does not involve 2 months of pain. A week at the most, unless you can’t stop playing with it long enough to let it heal. I had it done at age 27 for cosmetic reasons, and word from the woman I was regularly fucking at the time was that she enjoyed it much more. So did I. You want friction, you got it.

  24. Poor baby! adult circumcision hurts as hell, not for little baby boys.They actually get an artificial hard-on, at least thats the way i’ve seen them do it.. I’m uncut n probably won’t do it UNLESS there is a medical reason. It hurts more for adult men since we get real hard-ons. Cold showers come in handy!!!

  25. I am so closeted and hot that I only make it with guys who have to have an a beautifully shaped cock….and also, I cannot handle uncut.
    Most of all, before size, the cock has to be a perfect shape………Before all that, the guy must be hot and straight.
    I am so hot and hung that I manage to get it whenever I want it at my club where I play racquetball three times a week.
    A lady does the job for me about once every two weeks.
    I am a gorgeous mental perfectionist kind of mess.

    1. I’m confused by your comment that you only like a perfect cock then go on to say they must be cut? The only absolutely perfect cocks are those the way our maker made them, not after a doctor cut them up.

      1. @Don. Get a life for fxx sake !
        Why is it that these anti circumcision guys are all so effing intolerant ?
        of course, Closet Nazis ! I hear the Bay Area is full of them.

        1. We anti-circ people stand up for infants who are strapped down and have their genitals mutilated only days after their birth. You’re absolutely right. We are entirely intolerant of people who mutilate their baby boys in the name of religion or cleanliness or STI risk reduction. No person should have to suffer permanent destruction of functional body parts without his consent. If you want to cut off parts of your body, that’s totally fine with me. The point is you should make the decision as an adult.

          Now, this case does involve a person who made a decision as an adult. It’s totally fine with me. It was a medical decision he made for himself with the assistance of a medical professional, which is his right. If he should one day come to the realization that he has made a terrible mistake, he will have nothing but his own negligence to blame in failing to procure a second opinion.

  26. Oh man…I’m sorry your doctor conned you into it. Just remember (for people reading these comments) that doctors are just trying to make a buck.

  27. Adult circumcision should only be done when in dire medical need. It seems Erik may have been in that category. An uncle of mine had to have the procedure at the age of 72. He called it the worste experience of his life, this from a man who fought in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Required a four day hospital stay due to his age.

  28. Another perfectly beautiful penis marred. Oh well, I hope he’s happy with his decision. No turning back now.

    My husband is uncut, and none of the guys he dated prior to me ever made an issue of it. He was never made fun of in school either, even though he grew up in an area where he was pretty much the only uncut guy.

    Erik is right though. People in real life can be pretty damn stupid, especially when it comes to foreskin, but thankfully that stupidity isn’t universal. Anybody who makes fun of your dick isn’t worth the time of day anyway, as far as I’m concerned.

  29. Whoa… this is so trippy. As much as I CAN’T stand foreskin, I would’ve chewed on his for hours. I hope you’ve healed well, sexy.

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