There’s Another Kris Evans Threeway So Just Watch It Already

You know you’re just going to fucking watch it. And you’re going to get hard.

Bel Ami has this post-Valentine’s present for you in the form of a threeway with Kris Evans, Marcel Gassion, and the extremely hot Zac DeHaan.

Zac debuted over a year ago, or at least some of his photos did, but he was still being billed as a newcomer in December when Bel Ami debuted his scene topping Jack Harrer. And if you would like to drool some more, there’s also a hot solo and interview with him from a few months (or a year) ago. In that interview he teases everybody about how he hasn’t bottomed yet even though George says he’s shot “15 scenes”? And his hair is a little longer. He. Is. Sofa king. Beautiful.

But let’s just salivate together over Kris’s perfect body and cock, Marcel’s hungry mouth, and Zac’s perfect everything, and just how happy they all look playing with each others cocks and fucking Marcel. Will life always be this unfair? Yes. But at least they let you watch. And maybe, just maybe, Zac will bottom at some point.



















[Bel Ami: Kris Evans, Marcel Gassion, and Zac DeHaan]


5 thoughts on “There’s Another Kris Evans Threeway So Just Watch It Already”

  1. I’m still very turned off by the Facebook info blog that revealed the truth about all these str8 Bel Ami guys, but Kris is pretty damn irresistible!

  2. Kris Evans keeps getting hotter and freakin’ HUGE. Not Zeb Atlas huge but just perfect. He doesn’t need a beard or tattoos to distract you from his flawlessness.

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