Third Time’s A Charm: Cocky Boys Is Back, Again

Since its inception in 2007, Cocky Boys has had three re-designs and re-launches (one of which was just last year–remember when Sebastian Young made that video?), but today’s re-design and re-launch is really, really, the best one yet. Promise.

“For the last several months Cocky Boys has been carefully and strategically creating a unique site that is completely different from its predecessor while simultaneously filming dozens of new scenes featuring Cocky Boy fan favorites and new Cocky Boy stars,” says the press release. Great!

I don’t know what was wrong with the old Cocky Boys or if it even needed a re-design and a re-launch, but re-designing and re-launching your website is a good way to get people to talk about you, I guess.

Another way to get people to talk about Cocky Boys? They should put featured model Mason Star (left) in all of their scenes, please. Good. God.

[Cocky Boys]

5 thoughts on “Third Time’s A Charm: Cocky Boys Is Back, Again”

  1. Lets see how long this “relaunch” lasts. I looked at their website and really they don’t do anything different then any of the other 10000 gay porn websites that are over saturating the market right now including using models that are appearing on all the other gay porn sites. I don’t think I want to watch a disinterested and disgusted Brodie Sinclair have gay sex, or someone that abuses old people (Sebastian Young). What does Jimmy Coxxx/Clay do here that he hasn’t already done on Jet Set, Jake Cruise, Nest Door Male, etc… Same with the other models that get recycled from week to week. Mason Star went from gay on Next Door Male to bisexual. Gotta love marketing.

    1. On the contrary Estelle, the video just released on their site of Brodie Sinclair bottoming for Phenix Saint was very good. Brodie actually talked, smiled, kissed and performed oral in the video (none of which he seemed to do very often before his “hiatus” from the industry). He also bottomed very well, showing emotion as if he was both slightly in pain and enjoying it. His two previous bottoming videos appeared as if he wasn’t being fully penetrated, but in this one it’s obvious he was. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get to see a more talkative, emotional Brodie now that he’s returned. Hopefully, he’ll bottom more often, too.

    2. Mason isn’t gay in the first place; he’s bi and makes no bones about loving pussy. In interviews for Next Door Studios and Rod Daily he said, “I consider myself personally bi,” and “Pussy feels amazing.”

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