Ultimate Fighter Dakota Cochrane (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Danny) Coming To Live Network Television

[Full disclosure: I have no idea what “ultimate fighting,” “UFC,” or “MMA” is, so bear with me. Or, just don’t even read this post. All I know is that there’s a former gay porn star involved.]

MMA fighter Dakota Cochrane has been cast in the upcoming reality series The Ultimate Fighter 15, airing on cable network FX beginning next week. And while Cochrane’s (pronounced COCK-rane) past work as Sean Cody’s Danny has been out in the open for years to anyone who bothered to Google him, this is the first time he’s getting national, mainstream attention as a reality contestant and not just some random fighter. Surprisingly, people aren’t really freaking out that much.

There are 60+ news articles today on the unveiling of this season’s cast (I guess this show is a big deal?), some of which make mention of Cochrane’s past, and the overall tone is, “So what? Who cares?” Even hardcore MMA/UFC bros, who I thought would be more homophobic, don’t give a shit. Maybe it’s because Dakota Cochrane is actually straight, so people aren’t worried that he will try to pull any weird gay shit “in the ring”?

Maybe we are truly living in a post-Dustin Zito reality teevee world where no one cares if you are a famous person who happened to have done some gay porn, so long as you aren’t an actual gay person who did gay porn, of course. That would be insane.

Here is what some of the bros on some blogs are saying. Someone from something called “Middle Easy” types:

The most important [thing] that you must realize is Dakota Cochrane is a bad ass fighter. Let’s forget the absolute mauling Dakota placed on Jamie Varner. The fact that Dakota Cochrane has done gay porn should not deter you from watching his progression through TUF 15 next month. Not at all. In fact, we as a MMA community should embrace a current/former gay porn star into MMA. It’s time to expand the fanbase of this sport that we all love.

We need a guy like Dakota Cochrane in this sport. It’s time for a paradigm shift.

A cool bro from “MMA Mania” quotes one of the head bros from UFC:

Last October, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White said he “didn’t care” if his company employed a gay fighter. In fact, he even went so far as to encourage them to “come out of the closet.” Here’s an excerpt from that conversation: “I’ll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out. I could care less if there’s a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is and there’s probably more than one. I mean, it’s 2012. Give me a break.”

And the curious bros at “Bloody Elbow” are just wondering what it all means, and whether a man can engage in physical, intimate, sweaty, full body contact with another sweaty and muscular man, even if he had once worked in gay porn.

Cochrane is best known to MMA fans for his upset win over former WEC champ Jamie Varner last fall. The 25 year-old Cochrane has an 11-2 pro MMA record that also includes a win over four time NCAA Division III wrestling champ Marcus Levesseur.

It will be very interesting to see how Dana White, the UFC and FX handle this news.

Note: Tread lightly in the comments. Any homophobic comments will be a cause for banning as will the posting of or linking to any obscene materials.

That’s nice.

Here’s video of Dakota Cochrane’s “big win” that everyone keeps mentioning. Ultimate Fighter 15 debuts on FX on March 9th.

And, of course, here’s some of Dakota Cochrane/Danny’s best Sean Cody work. See all 16 of his movies here, but my favorites are either the three-way with Parker and Billy, or the infamous five-way fuckfest orgy with Gage, Billy, Nicolas and Ford. Dakota Cochrane/Danny (that’s him riding dick up top on the left and up against the brick on the right) fucks and gets fucked in both:

Watch all 16 movies: Sean Cody—Danny.

[Update: Dakota Cochrane talks about his gay porn past as Sean Cody’s Danny.]

29 thoughts on “Ultimate Fighter Dakota Cochrane (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Danny) Coming To Live Network Television”

  1. I see it, but I can’t understand?? how is he now denying that he’s gay??, No Man can fuck another man without being gay, you need to like it or enjoy it…
    in my gay experience gay or Bi men still the same. I think he changed his mind cause money and the children he has, now he has responsabilities, and he did it once now he does other stuff like fighting BUT always with men! – Good for you Danny, at least I will remember him watching his porn and videos, Gay is Gay for me to deny it is easy I also cheat my parents all the time, but INSIDE ME, the feeling is the same i had when i discovered at 6.
    I think he will be a great human and father of 2, because he can change his mind but not his deep feelings inside he fucked he felt it he enyoyed it’s like smoking or drugs you did it and sonner he will do it again Gay is gay and forever!

    1. never darling !!! gay is gay you can change your mind or pretend do other stuff and you achive it, because you want. but gay still gay!

      1. I always denying that I’m a gay.. Never fuck or get fucked. I’m married a women but I don’t feel happy. I had feeling that I’m.. This feeling honestly disaster.

  2. Look at this: http://www.mmafighting.com/ufc/2012/2/28/2831727/dakota-cochrane-discusses-controversial-past-as-he-prepares-to-chase

    “It’s definitely a decision I regret,” he told MMA Fighting. “If I would have known what would happen I definitely wouldn’t have done it. But I had money issues and I needed help. I went there to do pictures, and they started throwing pretty high numbers in front of me. I didn’t really think. It was a big mistake.”

    A mistake he repeated 17 times? Yeah, right. Also:

    Cochrane says he’s a far different person than he was then. He’s now a father of two, and Lacey, his girlfriend at the time he was making the videos, stuck by him and is soon to become his wife. The decision he made years ago was a selfish one, made for money, but this opportunity to be on TUF isn’t just about him; it’s a chance to enrich his family.

  3. The same Dana White flipped-out a few months ago when a fighter wore tight speedo like trunks to a fight – he immediately admonished all involved and banned them – because it seemed gay!

    So yes a fighter can be gay and fight, but he better be one of the best and even then he’ll have the mental werewithall to survive the mainstream media/fan sensationalization! The porn is going to be a B roll in every interview he does – regardless of whether they ask him about it face-to-face.

    1. I can imagine his opponents printing-up flyers of his porn work and having the guys that hand out the call-girl cards on LV BLVD distribute them near the fight venue – right before a fight!

      He better enjoy the honeymoon period.

  4. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I like the idea of being able to see Danny/Dakota again. He’s so smoking hot that I’m getting hot flashes from these photos! But I fear the backlash/drama this will cause for him. My real fear for selfish reasons is that he’ll be dismissive or offensive about his gay porn past. Don’t kill my fantasies Dakota!

  5. I know its not the most reliable, but i saw a few links to it on my facebook page…so posted it anyway to show that their is a conflicting view point. And really, I can’t blame someone for not knowing his name was “Danny”, as you would need to actually look into it a little deeper.

    1. Well that website has a lot of mistakes. It says his stage name was “sean cody” which was the name of the website not his stage name. I thought I remembered reading somewhere else that he claimed straight but I guess we will have to wait for the show and see…. no way it’s not gonna get mentioned/be a focus on the show.

    2. That link you posted says his porn name is “Sean Cody”, so it’s obviously a very unreliable source of information.

    3. How can someone say they are straight when they love to take cocks the size of stallions up their ASS. They can call it GAY FOR PAY. It’s a man who is UNABLE to admit they are a homosexual. A straight man cannot get it up for another man, a bi-man can. But almost bi-men I’ve met all like it up the shit hole. I know plenty of gay men who don’t like to get it that way and can admit they are homosexual. I don’t think it has anything to do with the industry or money. A man either likes anal sex or doesn’t and that should make them Top-Bottom-Versatile=homosexual. I don’t like labels, but people should be able to admit to themselves and the world what they are.

      1. I say this with respect bigmack, your comment is parochial and slightly chauvinist; you’re not alone and I think sadly a lot of men who identify as gay can be equally extreme in their opinions so I direct this to them too:
        1. sexual behavior is not limited to sexual desire (ie. men in jail, men with certain compulsive or addictive personalities, men who feel compelled by social or religious teachings and yes, gay-for-pay actors… believe it or not money can be more powerful than sex)
        2. anal sex feels good for probably 99% of all men if it’s done right just like vaginal sex feels good for probably 99% of woman if it’s done right; just because our bodies are made to be able to be pleased in certain ways doesn’t mean automatically we are gay or straight if we identify with these pleasures
        3. penises can be erect but mentally their may be no sexual or emotional desire (viagra, off-screen porn, or having a strong sex drive)
        4. be comfortable enough with your sexuality and the label you choose, to allow people be sexually fluid and determine their own sexualities; passing judgement and pigeonholing people justifies other people doing the same to you… be better than that

      1. And what’s the problem with that ? Danny’s videos are still around for everyone to see . Doesn’t matter if they were made 3 years ago or now !

        We don’t get to see see enough Jimmy Coxx/CLay , either in porn or in MMa fights – fact !:)

        1. Personally, I don’t give a fuck. But the people he’s fighting against in the ring/octagon/cage/whatevs might feel differently…

  6. Just waiting for his agent to ask you to take this down…Just kidding! I’m huge fight fan and I am thinking this is just great! I just hope they don’t gang up on him in the house!(unless it’s for sex)

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