Who Else Was On That UK Naked Men/King’s Speech Set? Amy Winehouse

amyukthiumbYesterday, it was so fun to learn that The King’s Speech had been filmed on the same set as a UK Naked Men gay porn scene. Today, I’ve learned that troubled (that’s putting it mildly) singer Amy Winehouse has also been there!

While I doubt that Amy Winehouse knew she was filming her video for “Rehab” in the same room where Kurt Rogers was bent over a pool table and where, years later, Geoffrey Rush would teach Colin Firth how to speak, I also doubt that she knew where she was in general.


Turns out the set for “Rehab,” UK Naked Men, and The King’s Speech is actually part of a house in London called 33 Portland Place that’s frequently rented for celebrity parties, social events, art exhibits and fashion shoots. It’s owned by one of England’s most “flamboyant entrepreneurs.”

The grand property at 33 Portland Place is one of the finest houses in London. A vast spread in the exclusive heart of the West End, it has played host to some of the most glamourous and best-known faces in the world, becoming a social setting unmatched in the city with spectacular scenery and a unique atmosphere.

Edward Davenport is equally unique. Davenport is one of Britain’s most flamboyant entrepreneurs, a businessman renowned for taking chances and living a life of adventure. A man who has earned his own wealth, Davenport enjoys the rewards his successes bring while remaining utterly dedicated to his businesses.

He lives the high life in Monaco and London, rubbing shoulders with celebrity friends such as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pink and Fifty Cent.



(Thanks to Mark and everyone else who sent this in to me.)

5 thoughts on “Who Else Was On That UK Naked Men/King’s Speech Set? Amy Winehouse”

  1. I’m with “The Adjustment Bureau” and, left unchecked, your fascination with Ms. Black Spark will in the future result in All of Gay Adult being reduced to below average guys wearing bandannas with nelly ass lighting and directing.

    1. I have no idea what any of this even means, except that you clearly have issues that extend far beyond anything to do with this site.

  2. Exqueeze me, butt … How’s about giving the director Jonno some props? Given how much attention you heaped on something like The Black Spark.

    You have two posts now about a Gay Adult Set Design idea that was a year ahead of the set design of an Oscar nominated movie and I don’t see you mentioning the name of the guy responsible, JONNO

    BTW, it looks like the “Snookered” scene directed by Jonno is Scene 3 of the UKNakedMen DVD “Up the Aristocracy”

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