Who Would You Rather?: Jack Hunter or Sean Cody’s Hoyt

A very big-dicked newcomer, Jack Hunter, just made his Men.com debut today plowing the ass of Will Braun, and Sean Cody unveiled another tattooed new guy this week.

Jack is a long tall drink of water with a pretty huge cock that Will has some trouble choking down. And he’s definitely pretty sexy in a bad-boy way — even though it’s Will who plays the creepy neighbor who basically moves into his apartment while he’s away and squats there because he got evicted from his own place.





Meanwhile, Sean Cody’s Hoyt is a pretty huge dude himself, 6’4″, with big muscles and big nipples, and a nice big dick.








So who’s it gonna be?


[Men.com: The Squatter]
[Sean Cody: Hoyt]

3 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Jack Hunter or Sean Cody’s Hoyt”

  1. While Jack is a bit queenie…he’s cute and as long as he doesn’t speak while I’m blowing him it’s all good. Hoyt
    is a douche and not sexy at all.

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