World Premiere: “Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco” Trailer! AND: Win A Trip To San Francisco!

It’s here! The third season of “Golden Gate” will premiere one week from today on NakedSword, but get your first sneak peek at the extended hardcore trailer below. Also? Enter to win an all-expense-paid vacation to the actual Golden Gate during the weekend of the best San Francisco event there is: Folsom Street Fair.

This third season features gay porn superstars Landon Conrad, Tom Wolfe, Heath Jordan, and Shane Frost, mouthwatering newcomers Lawson Kane and Johnny Torque, and returning fan favorites from season one, Kennedy Carter and Topher DiMaggio.

The Trailer


The Contest

Both NakedSword members and non-members alike are invited to write and submit their ideal San Francisco sexual fantasy. Concepts must be under 250 words. Submissions will be judged on their overall eroticism and how well they capture the feel of life and sex in San Francisco. To give you a better idea, here is an example, which was actually the rough scene treatment for the first episode of “Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco,” starring Landon Conrad and Tom Wolfe:

Chip, an uptight health inspector, is sent to visit a bar in SoMa for its yearly inspection. It’s mid-afternoon when he arrives and the place is empty, except for Dominic, the cocky bartender. Dominic knew someone was coming to inspect and it was his responsibility to make sure everything was clean, but really he couldn’t care less. He tells Chip to go ahead and look around and then ignores him. Chip is incredibly nervous; there’s loud porn playing on the TV screens in the bar. He asks Dominic to turn it off, and Dominic tells him to fuck off. Chip finishes his inspection and tepidly tells Dominic that there are numerous violations. He’s so nervous (the porn is still blaring in the background and Dominic is shirtless and scowling at him) he can barely speak, but manages to say that the bar will probably be shut down. This angers Dominic because if the bar shuts down, he won’t have a job. So, he takes advantage of the situation and says he thinks he has a way to make the violations all go away. Chip stammers that he doesn’t see what could possibly change the report, but then Dominic kisses him, and then spits in his mouth. Chip is at first reluctant and grossed out, but after another wet kiss and within a minute, he’s putty in Dominic’s hands. Dominic leads him to a back room and fucks him mercilessly. When they finish they are both relieved and seem content. But as Chip is leaving, he nervously yells that he won’t be changing the report at all and runs out of the bar, leaving Dominic furious.

Submissions can be (and hopefully will be!) more graphic and more sexual in nature than this, and if you have porn stars in mind for your characters, feel free to tell us who they are. Remember to keep your concept under 250 words. A panel of NakedSword judges will determine the winner after the contest closes two weeks from today, on July 28th at 11:59 p.m. PST. Email your submissions to

The Prize

An all-expense-paid vacation in San Francisco for one winner during the Folsom Street Fair weekend, on September 24th-25th, 2011.


–Round-trip airfare for one winner from anywhere within the continental United States to San Francisco, California
–Two nights hotel accommodation within walking distance to the Folsom Street Fair
–Spending cash to cover meals, transportation, and entertainment
–VIP access to all NakedSword-sponsored parties throughout the weekend
–Winning concept may be used in an upcoming episode of “Golden Gate”
–One year membership to

Additionally, five runners-up will receive one year memberships to

Start thinking dirty and email your ideas to! Remember, the contest ends July 28th, and the winner will be notified by August 2nd.

And don’t forget, “Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco” premieres one week from today, July 20th, on NakedSword!




15 thoughts on “World Premiere: “Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco” Trailer! AND: Win A Trip To San Francisco!”

  1. Just sent you my submission, Zach. If I winn you can make it a double room and take the extra bed. LOL. I would just like to go back to San Fran, abd see my first Gay event there. Might be cool if I could run into Dave again too. You will know what I am writing about if you read my submission. I apologise that it is longer than you asked, but if you read it you will understand why.
    Thanks for the outlet,

  2. Can’t wait to see the video. Anything with Heath Jordan in it (especially when he bottoms) gets me excited!

  3. If I enter and win and I fly all the way out there (I live in Atlanta) and don’t get to meet Tony Buff…I will be pissed!!! Thinking of my sex fantasy now:-p

    1. The only way you can stay with me is if you’re cute. And if you do win, can I just stay in the hotel with you? Would be like a pretend vacation for me. LOL.

  4. This is an awesome promotion for Naked Sword to offer the adoring porn fans! I hope someone comes up with a real idling hit scene to get acted out in a future Golden Gate production. Cannot wait to see the winner if this contest at Folsom!!!

  5. Pornobobbie Uncut Superhero

    I have been WAITING for a contest like this! I have some fuckin hot/sexxxy/nasty/smelly/foreskin heavy ideas that I would LOVE to see done in GOLDEN GATE! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE entering!!!!! :D

  6. I wanna participate, but I don’t live in the US.

    Can I send something in anyway, and in case I win, can I hand the prize over to a friend living in the US?

    All I want is an excuse to write porn, plz! :P

    1. Sorry, the prize can’t be traded or given to someone else. But feel free to write something and send it in…if it’s really good you could be a runner-up and win one of the free memberships!

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