Vadim Black Had a Wicked Sunburn By the Time They Shot the Orgy Finale of ‘Men at Sea’

Besides their Star Wars porn spoof,’s other big end-of-year series was the cruise-ship extravaganza Men at Sea where they actually took seven on a tropical getaway and filmed them having orgies — kind of like how Sean Cody does every two years, but in more wintry climes.

At first, they showed us a teaser with just six of their hotter models — Vadim Black, Alex Mecum, Luke Adams, Brenner Bolton, Johnny Rapid, and Landon Mycles — were cavorting about on a beach in swimsuits. BUT, it turns out, there was a seventh model along for the ride who did not get to have any swimsuit fun: Colby Jansen.

There are now seven parts in total, and we’ve gotten to see various fucking configurations, not all of them very rich with chemistry. Vadim Black fucked Alex Mecum in Part 1, and though Alex is a good performer, Vadim is pretty much going through the motions — same for Johnny Rapid in Part 5, when he fucks Alex Mecum doggy-style, then missionary, and barely says a word or otherwise touches his partner. Luke Adams topped Landon Mycles in Part 2. Colby fucked both Brenner and Luke, in Part 6 and Part 4, respectively. And Part 3 was a threeway, with Luke getting spitroasted by Vadim and Johnny.

Thankfully, Brenner and Alex, the other two legit gay men on this cruise besides Luke, are back for the orgy finale in Part 7 with Landon and Vadim.

Like any young twentysomething on his first tropical cruise, Vadim didn’t put on enough sunblock and it looks like he got pretty badly sunburnt before they had to shoot this four-way. And maybe sensing that they were dragging this whole thing out a bit, the scene opens with Vadim already fucking Alex, with Landon watching and touching himself.



Brenner then walks in on them, and joins in. That sunburn, though. Ouchie.



In the official stills, though, they just make it look like a nice dark tan.




Anyway, the hottest part about this most unexciting scene is Brenner riding Alex’s cock. Those two were definitely wanting to bone before this, if they hadn’t already.





2 thoughts on “Vadim Black Had a Wicked Sunburn By the Time They Shot the Orgy Finale of ‘Men at Sea’”

  1. I for one love the speedo tanline and would not mind them making a comeback in porn. Heck, they were once even plentiful in straight porn.

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