Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

20 Reasons the Dream Pairing Between Drew Sebastian & Jake Nicola is Amazing

Have I died and gone to hung and hairy heaven?! When Drew’s big bushy cock meets Jake’s fuzzy hole, it’s everything I wanted and more from two of the hottest studs in the business.

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

Here are 10 reasons this new scene from director Tony Dimarco is a must see:

  1. Special cameo by Dev Tyler and Wade Wolfgar! (Would you look at that big dick and sexy fucking gaze?!)

Wade Wolfgar

  1. The eye contact between Drew Sebastian and Jake Nicola—where no words are spoken—is intense. Drew stares at Jake, then down at his own bulge, luring the stranger closer to him. This dance continues, Drew finally flashing that amazing smile. He wants and expects a kiss, but we suddenly realize Jake is in control and isn’t giving it up easily. (Fuck, Jake! Why you gotta tease us so damn bad?! Kiss him!!!)
  2. The shot of Jake’s boner popping out of his towel, the two soon stroking each other’s hot cocks.

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

  1. The noise these two make as Jake sucks Drew’s monster. Drew grunts and moans, giving out instruction (“Play with my balls…yeah man, yeah!”) as Jake gulps like crazy.
  2. The side shots of Drew guiding Jake’s handsome face down on his cock (“Atta boy!”), Jake trying to get it all in.
  3. The brief shot of Drew stroking their cocks together (more of this please!!!)

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

  1. Drew spreading Jake’s hairy jock ass, spitting on it and planting his salt-and-pepper beard in it.
  2. The sound Drew’s man cock makes as he slaps it on Jake’s ass.
  3. The shots of Jake’s ass hairs clinging to Drew’s thick shaft as he slowly slides it out.

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

  1. Drew begging for more cock, driving his butt back on it.
  2. Did I mention how hot and verbal Drew is?! “Bounce back on my dick…ride it…fuck yourself with my dick!
  3. The depth Drew gets as he plows in (watch around the 14-minute mark after he turns Jake over).

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

  1. The way Jake looks at Drew as he gets fucked (would you look at those eyebrows!!!)
  2. The shots around 16:30 of Jake sitting down on Drew’s big daddy dick, the top gripping his hairy butt cheeks—then shoving it all in and keeping it there.
  3. The speed and force Drew uses at the 19:00 mark to shove his dick up hard and fast. Great angles!!! (“Bounce in it…fuck yourself with my dick…don’t stop me…don’t stop me…fuck yeah…make that juicy ass juicy!”)

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

  1. The hot kiss they (finally!) share around the 20-minute mark.
  2. Jake dumping his load on Drew’s furry stomach as he gets fucked.
  3. Drew’s building verbal excitement: “Fuck, I wanna shoot on your face…you wanna taste my load? Get down there…get it!”

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

  1. Jake Nicola’s cum-soaked beard.
  2. Jake licking up more of Drew’s load off the top’s hand and cock.

Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


1 thought on “20 Reasons the Dream Pairing Between Drew Sebastian & Jake Nicola is Amazing”

  1. This scene is so HOT! REAL men have a nice thick pubic bush. Body shaving is for teenage girls and drag queens. It’s great to watch real adult men having sex!

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