2011: The Year Of Ethan

Sean Cody’s Ethan is (obviously) The Sword’s gay porn star of the year. I’m assuming Ethan doesn’t read blogs (or all the emails I’ve sent to Sean Cody asking to talk to him!!!!!!), but if he does: Ethan, this is my tribute to you.

It was exactly one year ago today when Sean Cody’s Ethan first appeared on The Sword, in a post titled “Sean Cody Delivers Crazy Uncut Cock For Christmas.” Since then, there have been several more Ethan-focused posts, with similarly articulate titles like “Is This The Best Sean Cody Blowjob Ever?” and “Holy Shit.” I’ve been loyal and supportive of Ethan throughout all of the important moments in his life, like when he grew a beard and when he finally topped after bottoming for so long.

Here then, a collage/celebration of all things Ethan, featuring photos and screengrabs from nearly all of his 14 Sean Cody scenes!!! I am not insane.


[Sean Cody: Ethan]



22 thoughts on “2011: The Year Of Ethan”

  1. crazyaboutEthan

    I am just crazy about Ethan. He is everything I dream of. A big cock a smile like an angel and his sexy beard. His voice is also super sexy, especially when he moans:) oh, I just love him.
    Pls, pls, pls do interview him and get more pics and footage of him.

    1. I’m w/ ya!!! Ethan (now Ethan Elliott) is my FAVORITE porn performer on SC and maybe anywhere. Of course, he’s gotta be making up stories for the porn consuming public, but he moans so beautifully, musically and GENUINELY during anal sex, which is often almost impossible to lie… Like you, I just LOVE him!!! I wish him to stay healthy, happy, affable, unassuming and beautiful, to prosper, and to remain strong and intelligent throughout his life!

  2. Ethan’s my current SC favourite (and that’s saying something given the studliness of their guys). A friendly demeanour, a handsome smile, a killer pale body, huge schlong, and a gorgeous ass that loves cock. What’s not to love? I’d love to see him on top or flipflopping a bit more often.

  3. Ethan has a natural guy next door look, and seems into it, which cant be said for other actors/models. Would love to have you do an interview with him. As always, I know I can trust you to be objective!

  4. Better be careful Zach. You’ll be causing Mr. Lovell to become very jealous throwing him over the railing for Ethan this way.

  5. This guy has more sex appeal in his pinkie than most porn models out there. There’s something about his natural beauty and ‘aw-shucks’ demeanor that I find both sexy and endearing. The fact that he loves bottoming makes him even more appealing. His face is handsome, but not overly pretty, and he’s masculine. I like everything about him. I just wish he appeared more often.

      1. Very nice Zach! Is that what you really wish for me or is it some strange american humour? Maybe some of us outside US dont get it!

  6. It’s actually the beard that does it for me. Since he grew that thing, he became 50 times hotter in my opinion. And I don’t normally like beards that are THAT extensive. He sort of reminds me of The National’s hot baritone singing Matt Berninger.

  7. Love at first sight for me!! I love me some Ethan. He is the hottest guy on Sean Cody. Zach, you are not insane. Ethan is just insanely hot!!! But umm… can we share him? Please?

  8. If it wasn’t for that big dick, and that beard that he sported in some of his scenes, I really wouldn’t give this guy any of my time.

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