Gay Porn Tips: The Top 5 Ways To Hide A Bottom’s Limp Dick

Welcome to the first installment of The Sword’s new weekly(?) feature, “Gay Porn Tips,” where we give the studios, the stars, and the fans a series of helpful tips on a variety of gay porn topics. Today’s topic is for all those studios and directors out there who are having a hard time hiding a performer’s soft dick.

The worst thing in gay porn is a bottom with a soft dick (click here for what a bottom’s dick should look like), but fear not! There are plenty of ways to hide, disguise, and excuse the fact that your bottom is completely not into it.

Here are the top five ways to hide a bottom’s limp dick. You’re welcome, studios!

5. Helping Hands
Have the bottom hold his limp dick and his balls in his hand(s) throughout the entire scene so no one can see. If the top doesn’t have any limitations and is willing to touch a dick, he can also help his bottom and trade off cupping the bottom’s genitals until it’s time for the cum shots and the pussy porn is playing in the background.

4. Nothing To See Here, Move Along…
Film the bottom only from the waist up. Sure, people might wonder why you’re not showing the bottom’s dick, but since when do you care what your customers think?

3. I Can’t Believe It’s Not His Dick
Photoshop in a hard dick. You didn’t know you could use Photoshop in a video? Where have you been? It’ll take your editing team a little extra time, but that’s why they get paid the big bucks, right?

2. $3.99 For A 3-Pack Of Hanes
Have the bottom keep his underwear on while he’s getting fucked. You’ll need to cut a hole in the ass of the underwear, of course, but as long as your studio can still afford to pay for underwear and scissors, you’re all set!

1. The Johnny Rapid
Make the scene a rape scenario. Rape is all the rage right now, so come up with a plot in which your bottom is getting raped either by a bunch of jocks, his mean boss or, to mix things up, an actual rapist. Nobody gets hard when they’re being raped, so your limp-dicked bottom has a totally plausible excuse. Problem solved!


14 thoughts on “Gay Porn Tips: The Top 5 Ways To Hide A Bottom’s Limp Dick”

  1. An erection on a bottom is like garnish on my plate. I rarely notice it.

    This space would have been much better used on what to do with tops who don’t have erections because that actually matters.

    1. One piece of advice I read about for taking it, was not to have a hardon. So, when I see porn models bottoming with a limp dick, it looks like verisimillitude to me: I prefer that to some poor guy suffering–that isn’t a turn on for me. Rocco has personality, looks, a great body and when he rides a dick it sounds like he’s enjoying getting his prostate massaged but when he’s strictly performing–meh.

  2. Wonder why so many porn actors are also drug addicts? It’s partly by being so low on self-esteem that they actually accommodate stupid complaints by the author and commenters on sites like this.

    Bottoms don’t need to have hard dicks because they’re not penetrating anyone. And penetration is the NATURAL purpose of an erection. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a requirement just for your entertainment. You want to be entertained by a hard-on so bad?! Then WITHOUT USING A MALE ENHANCEMENT DRUG, choke your own little chicken while a dick is cutting off the needed blood supply for an erection. You see, it’s not always meth. So let’s see how you fair!


    Lastly, the bottom in my latest XTube video [redacted] wasn’t hard, even with my oral prowess. But it didn’t stop him from busting a nut on my sheets. Hence the white shorts you see underneath him.

    I say this, not to promote a video. Because with thought process like you people, it’s now wonder that even with our further exceptance in society, the gay community is more overwrought with druggies than ever before. I said this to show that a bottom doesn’t REALLY need to be hard in order to show he’s having a good time.

  3. For almost all of those solutions if I see them in a video I find it a complete turnoff and move on to a better video. If a bottom can’t keep it up in a scene i almost always hit delete because you shouldn’t be doin it if you can’t keep it up. Oh and “Crystal Meth Island”, lmao, it’s so true.

    1. You’re spot on Trey, I hate scenes where the bottom has LDS ( limp dick syndrome). I want my bottoms to be hard enough to hammer nails with their dick

      1. maybe it s because the bottoms take female hormones so they can desire bottoming , that s why their dick is limp!!
        i kid you not , i heard about this limp dick syndrome on a documentary about trannies in thailand and they said they got it because of female hormones.

        1. “the bottoms take female hormones so they can desire bottoming”

          W to the T to the F?! Seriously, you’ve said some of stupid things in the past, but this certainly takes the cake.

          And watching documentaries about Thai ladyboys in your spare time? LMFAO! I think someone might be on the wrong blog (and again, judging from previous comments, you’ve clearly got trannies on the brain)… are we a little confused?

          1. I’m not saying THAT is the reason but it’s a possibility along with the crystal meth and poppers that gays enjoy so much .

            You need to educate yourself about transsexuals they are part of society.

            I think many bottoms want to be a woman that is why they like getting fucked like a woman ( some of the bottoms I fucked requested wearing female underwear :) hot!) , but they don’t go all the way to take the hormones most of the time and are happy with being gay , with a lisp , a gay face, a “stylish” group of friends, etc…It is their choice and we need to respect it too.

          2. OMFG!!! It’s just one idiotic statement after another with you!

            “many bottoms want to be a woman that is why they like getting fucked like a woman”

            Getting fucked like a woman?! Oh, just go back to whatever third world country you crawled up from…

  4. Why would you use Rocco Reed and the site as your example here? All we have seen of Rocco’s first bottoming scene is a few stills. Maybe he actually is hard for most of the scene. And even if he isn’t I’m impressed that he is bottoming and he is doing it without doing interviews telling everyone how awful it was. If you want to dislike all gay4 pay models fine, but I think there is a big difference between G4pay models who fuck, get fucked, kiss and suck cock without complaining or insulting their gay fans and gay4pay models like those employed by Next Door Studios who refuse to do most of those things and who implicitly and explicitly insult their gay fans. Personally I think the NakedSword website would benefit from a few more Rocco’s and a few less Christian Wildes.

  5. While I’m not a fan of Rocco-Reed I will say this about the man even though I believe he is not gay and a g4per compare him to the other [ G4pers ass-holes ] who don’t give a damn about gay men.He seem to be a nice person even when he is being put down by other peoples who criticize him he continue to act professional inspite of his critics and move on.That’s what I like about him as a person even though I’m not a fan of ( G4pers who leech off of gay men for money ) he took a big risk by doing gay-porn, after being successful in str8-porn and becoming a famous male porn star one thing I notice is he seem to like taking cock up his ass he prove that in his str8 strap-on sex videos.And beside it’s not easy to keep a hard-on when your taking a big cock up your ass not every guy has that ability to do that very few do with-out taking drug to maintain a hard-on for hours all day long while having sex and doing porn.That’s why I am willing to give him a break for not being able to keep it up after all it is hard work and not every one can do it myself included?

  6. Which ones dose a certain gay for pay studio use? (Nxx, actual acronym withheld to protect the …?)

    I actually enjoy Johnny Rapid’s work at That is a hot site!

  7. I find when I’m watching Crystal Meth Island videos the bottom isn’t hard because he’s lit (on meth) even if I know he’s gay (bc he’s barebacking). Please advise.

  8. Here’s a couple more: 6. Lay off the sex and masterbating well into a week prior to shooting. 7. Take 100mg of viagra instead of 50. 8. No drugs or drinking a week before shooting as well. 9 And here’s the best one, match up a bottom who is actually turned on by the guy that is fucking him. :)

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