Dicks of the Decade

50 Hottest Dicks of the Decade: Part 2

We continue our look back at the 50 hottest gay porn dicks of the last 10 years!

Each year gets five hot cocks that were notable for the year—and helped shape the decade. In Part 1, we looked at 2010 and 2011. Now we turn our attention to 2012 and 2013…

2012 Hottest Cocks

5. Rafael Carreras

Rafael Carreras

A Studio 2000 regular in the early half of the last decade, Rafael took a break in 2005 but then resurfaced at Lucas Entertainment in 2009, where the bulk of his work has been since—including work this year. This sexy Cuban is all alpha, and utilizes his sexy dirty-talking voice just as much as his big uncut cock. 2012 also marked his one Falcon appearance, a sultry fuck (his norm!) of Dylan Roberts in Picture Perfect. He’s also a DP king, helping to double dick Dakota Payne, Damon Heart, Zander Craze, Shawn Andrews and more at Lucas.

4. Rafael Alencar

Rafael Alencar

Another Rafael with 10 inches! Another legend! Rafael started in 2003 and hasn’t stopped since, the bulk of his work coming at Lucas Entertainment and Men.com. The Brazilian would appear on Hottest Cock lists for both decades, which few performers could claim. His first collaboration with NakedSword came in 2012 (Hooker Stories), a year in which he was very busy at Men.com. The studio would release Best of Rafael Alencar a year later, and this year he made his bareback debut with Lucas in a hot scene with Dakota Payne.

3. Tommy Defendi

Tommy Defendi

That face! Those eyes! That cock!!! Tommy is a handsome hung fucker who has worked with all the big studios during his career, which stared in 2008 but hit full steam this decade. 2012 was one of his busiest, and during the heart of his career—including work in NakedSword’s acclaimed Golden Gate series, CockyBoys acclaimed Project GoGo Boy, Raging Stallion’s Cowboys series and more. Two years later, he had once of the highlights of his career with the NakedSword/BelAmi collaboration Dirty Rascals.

2. Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati

Trenton filmed one movie in 2011, his very first: Incubus at Titan. It went on to win the XBIZ Gay Movie of the Year award, and after a massive 2012, Ducati would win Performer of the Year at that same show in early 2013. It was one of the most remarkable years for a performer ever, and he hasn’t stopped since—with a new career starting behind the camera as well. Trenton will go down as one of the best ever, and oh yea…that big thick cock is pretty amazing. Check him out at Raging Stallion, Hot House, Nasty Daddy and pretty much anywhere else.

2012 Hottest Cock of the Year: Tim Kruger

Tim Kruger

Since his debut in 2007, I have had a massive crush on Tim…and not just because of that big beautiful dick. When this man smiles, I melt. (Those eyes!!!) Many fans recall his early work at Hot House, but the handsome German soon branched out on his own to create Timtales in 2009—but it wasn’t until 2012 that he started to appear in front of the camera frequently. The rest is history. Hung, handsome and a savvy businessman? Yes please!

2013 Hottest Cocks

5. Luke Milan

Luke Milan

2013 was the busiest year in the relatively modest career of this cutie, who has a killer smile and a killer cock. Check him out at Falcon, Raging Stallion, Hot House, Next Door Studios, Lucas Entertainment and more—where he bottoms and tops, and lets us drool over dude’s sucking his beauty.

4. Vito Gallo

Vito Gallo

Tall. Dark. Handsome. Hung. What’s not to love?! After one solo scene with Randy Blue in 2011, Vito signed with Lucas and spend his entire career there. 2013 was his busiest, and sadly he left the industry way too soon (under apparently less-than-ideal circumstances). He got his own Vito Collection at the studio in 2014, and is it any wonder?! During his short tenure, he created a lasting impression. And lord with that cock!!!

3. Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde

He had a Best of Christian Wilde DVD from Next Door Studios. A Christian Wilde Anthology from Falcon. And NakedSword features named after him, like 2013’s Into the Wilde and 2012’s Wilde Road. He’s performed for so many studio’s and has a long filmography at Kink, but I’m most fond of his NakedSword and Raging Stallion output. And you just have to see Leo Forte worship his cock with slobber in NakedSword’s Stalker!

2. Andrew Stark

Andrew Stark

After a handful of appearances his first three years in the business, big-dicked Andrew kicked it into high gear at Men.com in 2013 (check out this hot group scene with fellow hung buds Tommy Defendi, Mike DeMarko, Trevor Knight and Troy Daniels)…then followed it up with his Falcon and Raging Stallion career to finish things out by 2015, then teasing us with a brief comeback in 2017 with the award-winning Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 from Falcon. One of my favorite cocks ever, and that tall, smooth, fair-skinned body is stunning—as is that handsome face and alpha attitude. Come back, Andrew!!!

2013 Hottest Cock of the Year: Austin Wilde

Austin Wilde

Much like Tim Kruger, Austin Wilde build up a successful career—in his case, years of amazing work at Next Door Studios, Falcon and Raging Stallion—before the business instincts kicked in. He launched GuysinSweatpants on February 7, 2013…and the rest is history. He’s appeared on camera there ever since (although 2019 was a little sparse), and has etched his name as one of the biggest performers, cocks and businessmen in the industry. (And that mischievous grin…fuck yes!)

Which of these cocks do you drool over the most? Let us know in the poll below and the comments section! And check out our other parts of this series:

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2 thoughts on “50 Hottest Dicks of the Decade: Part 2”

  1. For 2020 I would certainly love to suck on a crazy large BBC, and shag a black guy. Most of the guys in porn look crazy handsome, fashion model quality, some of them, and generally more attractive than the men in straight porn.

    I love looking at mens cocks, and I love sucking on them too. After a long stressful day in work I have often gone to the pub and drank too many beers, but It’s actually far better to go to the sauna and suck on “too many” cocks, except, you can never have too many cocks. Ha ha

    My local sauna is Newport (Gwent, South Wales, UK), but maybe I need to also go further a field as well. Hoping to shag a few more guys this 2020 and suck on plenty of cock. It’s important to be safe careful considerate no matter bareback sex is very exciting.

    I’d also like to try anal sex with an 18 year old, 18 years is the legal age of consent here. I am 48, but I think it’s still achievable.

    I went four times in 2018 to a day time party at Angels Club in Melksham, Wilts, it’s for transsexuals and admirers, it’s laughably easy to pick up. I fucked 4 or 5 up the arse in quick succession every time I visited, it’s honestly like shooting fish in a barrel, it is very fucking easy.

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