Dicks of the Decade

50 Hottest Dicks of the Decade: Part 5

We conclude our look back at the 50 hottest gay porn dicks of the last 10 years!

Each year gets five hot cocks that were notable—and stood out during the decade. In Part 1, we looked at 2010 and 2011; Part 2 explored 2012 and 2013; Part 3 focused on 2014 and 2015; Part 4 looked at 2016 and 2017. Now we end our series with a look at 2018 and 2019…

2018 Hottest Cocks

5. Cory Kane

Cory Kane

Cory started work with CockyBoys in 2016 and hasn’t look back since, turning in superlative work in every single scene. He’s equally adept on both top and bottom, and I love how he shows off that super-thick boner when he’s getting fucked. He was nominated for a GayVN Award for Best Supporting Actor in Le Garçon Scandaleux, and the scene where he whips out his dick to show it off in the store had me instantly hard.

4. Myles Landon

Myles Landon

This handsome stud had one film in 2015 and has increased his output every year, with 2018 the first of two huge years for him. Smooth as silk and packing a massive cock that’s straight as an arrow, he also has a killer smile and laidback attitude. I think Myles is underappreciated, and welcome more big years for him. Catch him at Missionary Boys and Family Dick (including his GayVN nominated orgy in the Please, Mr. Postman series), Men.com (where he was the centerpiece of the Daddy’s Secret series) and more.

3. Pheonix Fellington

Pheonix Fellington

Pheonix started off 2018 with a bang, winning Best Newcomer at the GayVN Awards. He backed it up with amazing work at Noir Male, Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment, NakedSword and more before doing some work with Helix in 2019. Another hung fucker who also bottoms, he also has an amazing smile!

2. Max Konnor

Max Konnor

A powerhouse at 5-foot-6 and 10 inches of cock, Max dabbled in porn from 2009 to 2012 before taking a long break. 2018 was his big comeback year, and he instantly became a superstar (and not JUST because of that amazing cock!). He was the face of Noir Male when it launched, his performance with Armond Rizzo winning Best Duo Sex Scene at the 2019 GayVN Awards. He has also worked with Raging Stallion, Peter Fever and more, and recently launched his own talent agency—continuing to influence and grow the exposure of men of color in the industry.

2018 Hottest Cock of the Year: Cutler X

Cutler X

Cutler X had made many porn appearances prior to 2018, from Timtales, Treasure Island, Raging Stallion, Dark Alley and more—but not nearly enough for my liking. Then in 2018 he launched CutlersDen and was reborn, working like a madman the last two years as he has compiled hit scene after hit scene with top talent across the industry (snagging two 2020 GayVN Award nominees in the process). He’s an inspiration on many levels not just to men of color, but to “older” men in the industry who also have a tough time breaking through. And yeah…that cock is so big it looks like it was PhotoShopped. It wasn’t! (insert drool here)

 2019 Hottest Cocks

5. Drew Sebastian

Drew Sebastian

Daddy Drew has been making appearances in porn since 2012, with much of his first few years more focused on fetish/fisting work. While hot, that typically didn’t give us enough focus on his cock—which is mouth-watering. Thankfully, over the years he’s filmed more “mainstream” scenes at the likes of Lucas Entertainment, Treasure Island, Pantheon and more, and this year already has two hot Raging Stallion appearances under his belt. I need more Drew Sebastian cock in my life, so keep it up!

4. Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox

Starting in 2017 with Jason Sparks, Cade graduated to the likes of CockyBoys, Icon Male and Men.com in 2018 before signing as a Falcon exclusive in 2019—a huge step for his career that has solidified his superstar status. That cock is so thick and has such a big and beautiful mushroom head, which is also on display in NakedSword’s hit Scared Stuff 2: The Amityville Whore. I have a feeling Cade will go down as one the industry’s icons.

3. Max Arion

Max Arion

This sexy Australian had one shoot with Lucas Entertainment in 2018, then has a massive 2019 with his massive cock (check out this hot threeway with Dakota Payne and Drake Rogers!). And those eyebrows…fuck yes. He tops and bottoms, and that uncut schlong is big, thick and beautiful.

2. Rhyheim Shabazz

Rhyheim Shabazz

He’s done only nine studio scenes so far in his career, all with Timtales, but Rhyheim has exploded on social media and platforms like JustFor.Fans…and is it any wonder? Would you look at that cock?! He fucks like no other, and it’s amazing to watch him destroy ass after ass. Here’s hoping we get more studio work soon! (He also has some super cute dogs, which makes me love him even more!)

2019 Hottest Cock of the Year: Jeffrey Lloyd

Jeffrey Lloyd

Since 2016, this trim and handsome Czech stud has performed under a variety of names for a variety of studios, including Staxus and William Higgins. But it’s his work at Lucas Entertainment that has catapulted him to another level (check out this threeway with Tomas Brand and Jesse Santana!). And in 2019, his hot-as-hell threesome in Falcon’s London Calling—where he joins Josh Moore (so close to making his list!!!) in DP-ing Devin Franco—earned a GayVN Award nod. I am simply enamored with his cock—so big, and fuck me with that girth!!! Jeffrey tops and bottoms with equal abandon, and is always hard as a rock. His flip-fuck with fellow big-dicker Max Arion from Lucas is a must-see. Another underappreciated stud in the gay porn landscape, he’s also active on JustFor.Fans.

Which of these cocks do you drool over the most? Let us know in the poll below and the comments section!

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4 thoughts on “50 Hottest Dicks of the Decade: Part 5”


    jeffrey lloyd and max arion awesome bodies and juicy cocks max and jeffrey awesome foreskins love uncut cocks

  2. I selected Jeffrey Lloyd. I like his big juicy balls, along with his huge thick dick. I do prefer guys who shave their dicks. Or, at least trim.

    I agree with Owain and Andrew in regards to size. I am just not attracted to men with small dicks. Just a preference. I also prefer bareback anal. While I realize condoms are often necessary, I do not like wearing them!

  3. Amazing, thank you. A handsome muscular man (or ten) with a large supersize long and thick cock attached. They’re so aesthetic and don’t get much better. They are beautiful men and there abnormally large penis’ are just the super_bonus. It’s a given, I would suck all ten, in any order.

    Watching gay bareback anal without condoms is exciting and beautiful. I’ve done a few and intend to do a few more.

    From the distant past I like Peter North. Sometimes I go to my local gay sauna, to suck cock. My absolute dream is to suck a 12″ BBC big black cock.

  4. Size does matter but when a big cock is attached to a handsome muscular guy it’s the winner. In this awesome line up, I choose Cade Maddox. I luv watching him do his top man magic when he’s makin hot love, plowing and manhandling an appreciative bottom guy.

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