69ers: Jimmy Fanz And Donny Wright in Smoldering Hot

69 is usually the worst part of any gay porn because you can never tell what’s going on. The guys’ heads are always buried between each others’ thighs and you can’t see anything! Thankfully, this scene with Donny Wright and Jimmy Fanz does not do that, and it leaves nothing to the imagination.

The scene is from Smoldering Hot, and this has got to be the best pairing from any Falcon/Jocks movies in recent memory.

[Falcon: Donny Wright Fucks Jimmy Fanz]


15 thoughts on “69ers: Jimmy Fanz And Donny Wright in <em>Smoldering Hot</em>”

  1. Donny and Jimmy are both attractive, but they’re also among the most boring guys in porn. Donny is a total non-entity…on film, in person, in pictures…talk about a waste of cuteness. And Jimmy is benefiting from a bunch of unwarranted hype.

    1. Yeah, I heard Fanz is a tranny-chaser (I guess that’s something you two have in common, Half-baked). Leastways, he fucks the ugly-ass females who get fucked by trannies over at Kink. Saw pics on his twitter.

  2. Well Half-Nutjob aka Porce it was on another blog and not this one? If my memory service me right it was either on Queer porn Nation are a difference blog I can’t think of right now.Where Jimmy-Fanz made that statement that he wasn’t gonna tell gay-porn fans what his str8-porn name was because one day soon he plan on returning to str8-porn.And he don’t want to be [ Black-listed ] by the str8-porn industry for doing gay-porn is where I the post about him saying that! So get the fuck over? stop obsessing over his g4per ass-hole and no I’m as crazy as you are!

    1. but it looks like you are making shit up , i read queer me now and never heard of this!!
      Gimme the link supergay , i need’em sources to know the tea!!

  3. Jimmy-Fanz has turn me off ever since he Said He will not tell gay fans his str8-porn name because he plans to return to str8-porn one day soon.If he don’t like doing gay-porn and having sex with gay men, then he should take his lying G4per ass back to str8-porn and see how much money his,str8-g4per ass is going to make.Fucking bitches in str8-porn and stop leeching off of gay men because I am fed-up with these hypocrites like him taking advantage of gay men for money and then.Turning around and dissing gay men after they have made money off of us that why I am not your fucking fan ass-holes as for, Donny-Wright I don’t understand why he would be so stupid as to go back to Next Door Studios when their are much better gay porn studios out their than them.Next.Door.Studios most have offered him a lot of money to return to their porn studio to make more porn videos I hope it don’t turn to be a big mistake on his part.That’s all i have to say about it.

    1. You always have the craziest monomaniac rants Supergay!! Where did he say this thing about his straight porn name ?

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