A Champagne Toast To Angelo Marconi’s Ass

Normally I do not approve of wasting even one drop of alcohol, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Because if you’re gonna pour an entire bottle of champagne all over someone’s ass, you better be pouring it all over the best ass in gay porn, a.k.a. the award-winning ass of Angelo Marconi.

This second episode of NakedSword’s Grindhouse finds hung newcomer Woody Fox playing a stripper (what else) tasked with entertaining a Latin ex-convict thug (Marconi, duh) who’s come to the theater to collect on an old debt. I guess this is proof that the whole “no sex in the champagne room” rule is just a myth, and I guess this is what Latin ex-convict thugs do when they don’t get their money—let men in rubber suits dump champagne on them and then fuck them!

[NakedSword’s Grindhouse: Woody Fox Fucks Angelo Marconi]


15 thoughts on “A Champagne Toast To Angelo Marconi’s Ass”

  1. ahoy, it’s the bitch face aspect of angelo -without him being a bitch – I’m attracted to and that fabulous ass of olympic grandeur as well and what a french kisser, better than most other so called gaypornsars who don’t have a clue about tongue gymnastics nor do their directors btw

  2. Woody is kinda cute but he looks a little like Alan Thicke from Growing pains. Love Angelo tho, talk about a guy who has come into his own.

  3. Sure he has a nice ass, but he has such a serious case of “Bitch Face”. He always looks like he just smelled an air biscuit.

  4. wow angelo’s ass is still the number one tush in the bizz indeed and i quite love his handsome latino like face as well, will never get tired of his bottoming and other skills, I am a fan from europe

    1. While you went to the asshole way of saying it, I have to say that I too am always thrown by the cockring. Is it really that necessary for him to even have it? I mean he is a bottom so it’s not that big of a deal if he can’t maintain a stable erection. Or maybe he just has it on for decorative purposes.

      Either way cockring or not, the man is just stunning and he always delivers a great performance.

  5. OMG Woody Fox is a hotass! I hope to see much more of him and soon!
    And Angelo’s ass is something that will never get old for me ;)

  6. I’m in luv with angelo’s ass from the first time i saw it : delicious!!! He’s also a superb kisser and gives head like the best, one of the few mature men who turns me on, long may his ass reign !!!
    Other asses i’ve liked and liss are tyler johnson, jonathan vargas, roman heart and naor tal.

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