Survey: New Yorkers Most Likely to Top

Unlike Janice Dickinson, a whopping 73% of Houston’s Craigslist-using inhabitants were seeking tops. It turns out that while you shouldn’t mess with Texas, you could probably get away with sticking at least a finger up in there. Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles were also bottom-heavy with 69%, 63% and 61% top-seekers, respectively.

There were only three cities on our list with more tops — New York City, Atlanta and Washington D.C — with pushy New York leading the way with 54% of those endlessly amusing M4M posts looking for a bottom. We could speculate endlessly as to why San Francisco is forever on its knees, or why Atlanta fears its butthole, but frankly, we’re too busy organizing an interstate gangbang on via Twitter.


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14 thoughts on “Survey: New Yorkers Most Likely to Top”

  1. As a lifelong New Yorker and a bottom, I don’t believe for a moment that NYC has more tops than bottoms. In fact, I believe that it’s lopsided with bottoms vastly outnumbering genuine tops. By the way, if you base your conclusion on M4M posts, that’s a very flawed way of coming to that conclusion as I’ve noticed that some of the folks on those M4M ads change their self-identification. I’ve seen folks go from versatile to top probably in an attempt to get more responses. Also, are you including “versatile tops” in your survey? Beware of so-called versatile tops, from my experience many really want to bottom out. Many guys want to avoid the stigma attached to being a bottom and aren’t honest until you get them behind closed doors, so take a lot of those TOP ads like a grain of salt. NO, NYC is not top heavy. Go to some other city for that, but not here in the Big Apple.

  2. Are Paul and Jay mostly tops?

    I get the feeling they are, the way they carry on about fuckable Mason Wyler and Dave Mason. They’re downright Masonic.

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