Abel Archer Is Back In New ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Parody With Alexander Greene

A whopping 73% of Sword readers voted Abel Archer “really fucking hot” in a poll we did back in May, and you’ll be glad to see he’s back in another scene for Next Door Buddies, this time bottoming for big-dicked Alexander Greene.

Abel, as we learned, is an avid pot smoker and avowed bisexual, and he chose is porn name because he loves the animated series Archer.

(Sidenote: I was just watching Wet Hot American Summer: The First Day of Camp and I got totally confused when this new head-of-camp guy had the most familiar voice… and it turned out to be the guy who’s the voice of Archer, H. Jon Benjamin.)

In the new scene, titled Cocky Realtors, Abel and Alex are “fighting” over the same listing, which just happens to be the same house in Santa Rosa where every Next Door scene gets shot.

And then they work out their disagreement in the bedroom with Abel letting Alex fuck the hell out of his ass.

Abel is, as ever, a very happy bottom.











[Next Door Buddies: Cocky Realtors]


5 thoughts on “Abel Archer Is Back In New ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Parody With Alexander Greene”

  1. As an avid lover of Next Door, I immediately noticed that it is not the same house but a totally new location! I have never seen that room before or those external shots. I love NDS! Keep it up guys!

  2. He is so adorable in all his scenes, but wish his face was scruffier in this one. I love him so much! I want to see him top in his next scene. He would be an awesome top.

  3. Completely agree that Abel is a handsome man and hope that the studios can cut some dead weight as Alias74 stated.
    Drop the Sebastian Youngs and bring goes in the Abel Archers. Bring on the guys who can act and enjoy their scenes.

  4. FUCKING LOVE THIS GUY!!!!! One of the hottest guys on the planet and under-utilized by an “industry” obsessed with douches like Ryan Rose and Johnny Rapid.

  5. This porn model did not take well to the comments made about him in another post, perhaps on this website. He did a number of scenes at MormonBoyz, showing his talents as a voracious bottom. Seems he continues with that. Hope he has a developed a thicker skin if he is going to continue with porn.

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