[UPDATED] Andrew Christian Suspends Topher DiMaggio

“All I could really do was reach back and smack him in the head with my hand. After I did, he bit down on my right butt cheek, hard.” ~Alex

UPDATED Thursday, February 8th at the bottom of this post. See the original post below for context.

[Original Post: February 6] Guys, we have to stop meeting like this.

Alex is now the fifth man to come forward in accusing Topher DiMaggio of sexual assault.

Topher DiMaggio is, or least, was, a gay porn star. We’re a gay porn blog. That makes this news whether I like it not. Then again, reporting on it is nothing compared to enduring the alleged assaults and the aftermath that has followed the now handful of accusers into the rest of their lives.

accuser number five topher dimaggio
Topher DiMaggio
First, it was fellow porn star Tegan Zayne who accused Topher of not just sexuall assualt, but rape.

The second was “Dan” who told his story to Hornet App. The following day was “Bryan” and then yesterday was You Tuber Bryan Hawn via Instinct.

“Alex” is the latest. Like Bryan, he came forward to Str8UpGayPorn. As they point out, Alex told his story to them over the weekend – before the Bryan Hawn story broke on Monday.

There is a common thread of physical and verbal assault through all five of their stories. Including the new one from Alex today.

“So I’m talking to Topher, and he just grabs my ass out of nowhere.

I thought he was joking, so I jokingly turned around and pulled my waistband down a little to be like, yes, that’s my ass. And then, all of a sudden, he flipped me around against the railing, crouched down and pulled my shorts down and started eating my ass.

Initially, I was stunned. I tried to push back and tell him, no, and he reached his left arm up and pinned me down against the railing. I couldn’t really move and wanted him to stop, and my boyfriend had this look of shock on his face. All I could really do was reach back and smack him in the head with my hand. After I did, he bit down on my right butt cheek, hard.

When I got away from him and was leaving, Topher was yelling at me and calling me a pussy over and over again.”

accuser number five topher dimaggioAs they also point out, Alex and Topher met at a party for the underwear line Andrew Christian where Topher is one of their Trophy Boys. While Andrew Christian did update their header on Twitter yesterday and removed Topher, as Str8UpGayporn also reported, Topher is still headling an Andrew Christian event this weekend in Honolulu. Topher is a native of Hawaii.

Harvey Weinstein was kicked out of his company. Al Franken was booted from Congress. Kevin Spacey was cut out of “House of Cards”. Expulsions, retirements, leaves of absences, and removal have been the fate of many other accusers.

This started out “he said V. he said.” It’s now become “he said V. what he, and he, and he, and he, and he said.”

The five “he’s” seem credible. The other he has only released a partially plagiarized statement so far.


[UPDATE: February 8]

Andrew Christian has broken their silence on their most visible Trophy Boy.

To Str8UpGayPorn, who pointed out that two of the five alleged incidents took place at an Andrew Christian event, they said,

“We are taking this issue VERY seriously and Topher is on indefinite suspension while we look into the matter.”

And in responding to Queerty, an Andrew Christian rep emailed them:

“Andrew Christian does not condone sexual abuse or any other type of abuse or mistreatment to members of our community. We are taking allegations made by the victims very seriously. Accordingly, Topher is on indefinite suspension while we look into the matter. Late last year Andrew Christian started Project LOVE to help support various worthy charities in the LGBTQ community. Andrew Christian is committed to creating a safe welcoming environment for our LGBTQ family.”

Yes. That was the right thing to say. But coming from Andrew Christian and the fact they sent out stolen, nude photos of Tom Daley in an effort to sell more underwear, a grain of salt comes along with the statement.

Speaking of statements, to those accusing this and all outlets of going on a witch hunt against Topher, I would remind them all of the accusers came forward, we did not go to them.

With the exception of Topher and his five alleged victims, no one knows for certain what happened.

Topher, however, is a gay porn star. We are a gay porn blog. This makes it news in our wheelhouse whether I like it or not.

And I don’t. Not one bit.

But is there one truth we can all be sure of:

No matter what you do for a living, your gender, where you come from, or where you want to go in your life …

No means no. Period.


If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape or sexual assault, there are many resources available for help, including RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the National Domestic Violence Hotline for LGBTQ Abuse, EMERGE (an organization set up to offer help to LGBTQ batterers) and The Anti-Violence Project for LGBTQ people.


16 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Andrew Christian Suspends Topher DiMaggio”

  1. Can anyone please let me know if there’s any video of Topher DiMaggio getting his ass rimmed ?
    I searched everywhere like hell….
    Please let me know!!

  2. The American left has gone completely insane. I can get a few friends together, decide we don’t like someone and ruin their career with sob stories. GREAT!

    Remember when we used to care about evidence and knew that people lie, especially in groups?

  3. I would love it if all the studios were to drop the story lines that start with behavior that has guys that initially say no but then get convinced by the aggressor insisting by either groping, dropping trou or in any other way would be considered sexual assault in the real world but somehow are treated as entertainment in porn.

    1. Now that Topher’s been fired, he has a claim of material damage and can sue the outlets for a breech of journalistic integrity and defamation of character along with his false accusers.
      Force them to produce evidence or they can suffer the court’s decision.

  4. This is a witch hunt!
    Read the allegations carefully. None imply any type of wrongdoing.
    Tegan – Let’s bareback but don’t cum in me.
    Dan (fake name) – I drunkenly was ass up and naked at his place. When a police officer asked for evidence, I refused!
    Bryan 1 (fake name) – We were drunk and high. I’m a top. He fucked me standing up over a toilet with my pants around my ankles for 15 minutes (cuz that’s plausible). Again, didn’t go to the police after (according to the story) friends and family said I should and they’d be supportive.
    Bryan Hawn – He picked me up in a club then set me back down. He called me mean names.
    Alex (fake name) – Topher rimmed me after I showed him my ass!

    The only story that’s actual rape is Bryan 1 and the physics is impossible.
    Go to the police and a doctor immediately and press charges.
    Don’t tell a highly questionable sob story years later to the media.
    I know Tegan and Bryan Hawn are both hypersensitive, highly emotional people who would DEFINITELY accuse someone of rape to get their faces in the news. I cannot trust either of them.
    The other 3 may not even exist.

    This is THE stupidest story and Topher should sue the media outlets putting out these false reports, including this one, for defamation of character!

    1. Yeah, you should hold off on arguing before the Supreme Court there, armchair lawyer. If its true, its not libel.

  5. If these allegations are true, Topher is an aggressive jerk. Some of it may be categorized as sexual assault but it doesn’t sound like criminal rape to me. Topher sounds like an aggressive Guido who thinks it’s okay to try to get whatever he wants.

  6. I am at a loss for words. I think Topher is a good looking guy and a great performer. But reading this just shakes me to my core and makes me reevaluate my opinion towards him. Fucked up, truly fucked up

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