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It’s A Raunchy New Era

Ace Era will be the first to proudly call himself a “nasty pig.” Though he has “Fuck Me” inked on his ass cheeks, Lucas Entertainment now calls him something else …

And that something else is their latest exclusive. We were just talking about it the other day. In addition to diversity in his model base, Lucas Entertainment has a knack for signing some of the hottest men around.

Case in point, Ace Era. And once you dig beyond that exterior, you find a pig who found his way home.

A self proclaimed “nasty pig.” Ace never met a body fluid he didn’t like.

ace era michael roman bulrog lucasAce recently appeared in scenes for both Hot House and Raging Stallion. We’re likely never to see Ace and a condom sharing the stage again. Ace would much rather be unleashed and fucked unwrapped. Both he and Michael Roman get all that – and a lot more – from French uber-dad, the equally stunning Bulrog.

ace era michael roman bulrog lucasMichael Lucas announced Ace was their new exclusive last week. Ace did play their very dirty elf for Dylan James last Christmas. Today’s scene is his first as a Lucas Entertainment exclusive. Within the first few frames of the trailer, it’s clear: Ace and Lucas are a perfect fit of model and site.

ace era michael roman bulrog lucasBulrog is a French alpha-male top that likes bossing around guys who are strong muscular men in the streets, but total bitches in the sheets. He was definitely Boss Hog again today.

ace era michael roman bulrog lucasThe ATM’s are just a warm-up. The double-decker back fuck is not something you see everyday. And as taking a quick glance below reaffirms, what heats up first, leaks out later.

[Watch “Bulrog Takes Command of Ace Era and Michael Roman” at Lucas Entertainment]

9 thoughts on “It’s A Raunchy New Era”

  1. ”Tis a philistine tattoo for sure. It’s gonna look great when he’s 70. I forgot, pornstars don’t live to 70.

  2. This shit makes me heave. There’s an entire genre of ass-to-mouth, bug-chaser videos that I’m happy to just ignore. The gay community hasn’t learned a damned thing since the 80s.

    1. Shhh, how dare you mention, at all, that these activities can be dangerous and spreading diseases! That’s slut shaming and being oppressive of sex-positive men! Don’t you know that feelings are more important than facts?!?!? Don’t you know that PrEP solves everything including poverty and thunderstorms!

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