Ace Quinn, Teddy Torres

Ace Quinn & Teddy Torres Deliver The Sweatiest & Beefiest Fuck Of The Year

There are very few times where I will actually be excited to watch a new porn scene. Like, I literally watch so much porn at this point, it’s a little difficult to round up some enthusiasm every time I pull up a video to watch. This video from Masqulin though? This video got me fuckin’ PUMPED!

The second I saw that Masqulin’s latest video featured Ace Quinn and Teddy Torres, I was immediately interested. The second I started watching it and saw that all this scene did was show off their huge, ultra-sweaty muscles while they fucked bareback? Bitch, I’m already hard!

This scene starts with Teddy walking into a garage for an anonymous hookup and exposing his extremely hairy cock. The mustached hunk grabs Ace by the hair and pulls him out of the window of his car so Ace can swallow his furry daddy dick.

The hookup only gets hotter as Teddy buries his face in Ace’s gigantic muscle ass and things get hotter in the literal sense as the two slam each other’s naked bodies into each other in the hot garage. By the end of the scene, both studs are drenched in sweat, have hair that’s completely soaked, and bodies that are glistening with their natural juices. 

Ace Quinn, Teddy Torres

Besides leaving me… um… extremely satisfied with my viewing experience, this scene really just makes me wonder why more studios don’t make content with giant, sweaty men! Like, I would fully subscribe to a site that was just giant muscle men breaking a serious sweat while fucking each other bareback. Let’s pray that the one million views I’m going to give this video will encourage Masqulin to produce more content featuring muscle daddies sweating their asses off.

Oh, and if you want to watch this video and you don’t have a membership to Masqulin, you should consider signing up for a trial through their big Summer Sale. Sign up right now and get a one-month membership for only $10. 

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19 thoughts on “Ace Quinn & Teddy Torres Deliver The Sweatiest & Beefiest Fuck Of The Year”

  1. Face tattoos are a complete turn off and they just scream, unemployed fast food worker. Ace has a look on his face while he is having sex that makes him look like he goes to school riding the struggle bus.

  2. Now that Ace has added some more beef to his frame he probably has started the next phase of his body development of sculpting and adding definition to his big sexy body.

    1. Uh, I wouldn’t count on it. He looks more like the fat woman from Wilson and Phillips. He will be sculpting with a turkey leg.

        1. Brian, get your eyes checked, this guy is a cow, and looks like he is having a seizure sucking cock. He needs to lose weight immediately are ban himself from film forever. Oink oink.

  3. Wow Ace that’s not extra weight, that is just downright obese! Honey, you bedda call Jenny Craig and pray that she has a couple of openings available.

  4. Can’t stand Ace. I’ve never seen a porn actor (I refuse to use the word porn star) look so unsexy when sucking dick.
    Ugly face, small dick and now pudgy and fat body.
    Hard pass.

  5. That stupid looking eye tattoo that Ace is wearing is a complete buzz kill. Good luck Ace finding a job after porn looking like that. I have a feeling that the golden arches will become your employer.

  6. J Frank Hasenfus

    Love Torres 70’s Porn Star Mustache, Quinn is so hot!!!love the sweaty t-shirt I wish I could be in the middle of them I’m Ready WILLING & able!

  7. Gezz, Ace evidently ate everything while in lockdown, lol. Ace, whoever did that to your hair must have been blind and I would go and demand your money back or shave it off or both. Please find a reputable salon instead of the, “3 Stooges Barber Shop”.

    1. Youre clearly the same troll posting numerous times here in the comments under a different name each time. Why the fuck are you such a shitty excuse for a human being?

      1. Tyler J. Lawrence

        I agree with everyone else, are you Ace??? Sorry, but this guy is why porn is so cringe. He looks like any other street trash out there. Deal with it Brian or Ace or one of his homeless friends, get off of the stage!

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