Adam Ramzi, Bray Love, and mr. Pam Party It Up In S.F. At Two Release Parties For ‘The Biggest Catch’

Over the weekend there were not one but two DVD release parties in San Francisco for NakedSword’s big summer sex comedy The Biggest Catch featuring star Adam Ramzi, Raging Stallion Exclusive Boomer Banks, production assistant and NakedSword Exclusive Bray Love (who has a couple cameos in the movie), director mr. Pam, and hostess extraordinaire Sister Roma.

We showed you the first episode preview and an exclusive behind the scenes clip last week — and this Wednesday you’ll get to see the episode that caused all that drama at that Castro restaurant back in April, where Killian James gets fucked by Casey Moore on a patio — until they were so rudely interrupted!

First, this past Friday, at The Lookout in the Castro, the NakedSword gang judged a Biggest Catch contest in which gay men of all ages came on stage to talk about why their partner/trick/friend was the “biggest catch.” Various evidence was given, as mr. Pam says, from the 22 people who entered, “everything from ‘he has a big ol dick’ to ‘he helped me through cancer’ to ‘we’ve been married 8 years’.”

In the end, though, the first place winner (as finally decided by audience cheers) was Jason Hinson and his mother Janet, who won a $400 gift certificate to As Sister Roma tells us, “Jason showed us photos of his mom flagging at Ruby Skye, dancing on stage at BeatBox, deep-throating a cock-shaped cookie, and described her as ’73 years old, 89 pounds, and 100% awesome.’ The crowd cheered and all four judges unanimously agreed that Jason definitely has the Biggest Catch!”

The second place prize, which was an AutoBlow machine, was “two cute gay boys who took their shirts off and one showed his dick,” says mr. Pam. And third place (a box of porn) went to Celso Dulay and Chris Knight who produce G News — a gay news program that covers SF gay events.

Below, photos from Friday, by Marques Daniels Photography. Also in attendance were Boomer Banks and Jed Athens.


And on Saturday, July 25, there was a second release party at Oasis, where Sister Roma co-hosted the drag show formerly known as Trannyshack, now Mother, and where Bray and Adam go-go’d, Boomer hob-nobbed, a gang of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from L.A. showed up, amazing draq queen Mutha Chucka held court, and so did rapper Big Dipper.

And clearly, Big Dipper enjoyed meeting Boomer, Adam, and Bray too.


[NakedSword: The Biggest Catch]


5 thoughts on “Adam Ramzi, Bray Love, and mr. Pam Party It Up In S.F. At Two Release Parties For ‘The Biggest Catch’”

  1. Yay lets pat each other on the back about how AMAZING we are and how AMAZING everything is and how AMAZING those nights were !

    Looks like a barrel of laughs … said no one ever

  2. Thank you so much everyone for coming out to our Biggest Catch” film release parties!! I had a blast. Superstars Adam Ramzi, Bray Love & Boomer Banks were amazing, sweet and HOT!!

    I had such an amazing time shooting this movie, the boys were amazing. NakedSword Exclusive Killian James, JD Phoenix and Garrett Cooper did amazing with their lead roles and of course, charming and handsome Adam Ramzi is brilliant bringing a couple “happy endings” to the film.

    Thanks again to Lookout and Oasis for letting us dirty pornographers come in to celebrate on Dore Alley weekend.

    Big hugs… go Team NakedSword!!
    -mr. Pam

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