adam ramzi bruno bernal raging stallion

Instinct, Pheromones, And Dominance

Bruno Bernal is a willing victim to Adam Ramzi’s “Primal” urges.

Falcon Studios Groups’ award-winning directors Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz combine their sexual vision in “Primal” for Raging Stallion. Stripped down and intense, “Primal” explores the base desires that drive men some to be possessed. And others to dominate.

Brian Bonds and Brogan Reed’s flip fucked in the opening scene. The only flipping today is Falcon Studio Group exclusive Bruno Bernal getting on his back fast enough. His holes are open. And hungry.

adam ramzi bruno bernal raging stallionJust like he did a few weeks ago for Myles Landon, instinctively, Bruno sinks down and opens his mouth for Adam’s dick. Adam is no stranger to being on his knees either. But like we saw with Leon Foxx in the opening scene for Fame Game, a needy bottom triggers Adam to tap himself and release inner aggressore. Bruno’s need to is “Primal”.

adam ramzi bruno bernal raging stallionBruno’s abs flex as Adam drives in and out of his ass, using Bruno’s dick like a handle to pull himself in deeper.

2-bernalramziThe anal offensive goes slam dog and Adam plows Bruno like a sex pup.

adam ramzi bruno bernal raging stallionNow on his back, Bruno clenches his glutes tight on Adam’s cock as he spews his load all over his chest. Next, Adam kneels next to Bruno and unleashes his first spurt that shoots across the bed. With more to cum.

[Watch Bruno Bernal & Adam Ramzi in “Primal” scene 2]

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