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Now This Is A Real Construction Sight

Before they get to “Construction Junction,” the “Demolition” has to happen. But before they get around to the demo, there’s a whole lot of flipping going on.

Last week we tuned in as Titanmen exclusive Eric Nero and Bruce Beckham tried each other’s fat cocks on for size in the opening scene for “Demolition” from Titanmen.

“Demolition” helps explain why contractors always take twice as long to finish a job as they promised: they can’t keep their hands — or anything else — off each other tools long enough to build up anything except pending orgasms.

adam ramzi dirk caber flip fuck titanmen“Demolition” picks up where “Blueprint” left off in more ways than one. In the third scene, Titanmen exclusive Dirk Caber and Adam Ramzi pulled off a flip fuck that had Dirk pulling out new moves and Adam turning Dirk into a sperm factory. Typical of most construction jobs, they too had some unfinished business that gets completed today. But first, Dirk has to get Jack Giles out of the way.

adam ramzi dirk caber flip fuck titanmenWe haven’t seen Jack Giles since his scene with Falcon Studio Group Dorian Ferro in “Beef Squad”. After see just how beefy his ass is, I hope it’s not that long until we see him again. However, Dirk wasn’t in a sharing mood today when it came to Adam’s ass. Dirk cock blocks Adam and Jack’s rim job swap already in progress.

adam ramzi dirk caber flip fuck titanmenAdam and Dirk have a pole and hole feast of their own before Dirk assumes the position. When Adam pounding makes Dirk’s dick leak a steady stream, he didn’t keep it to himself.

adam ramzi dirk caber flip fuck titanmenOnce they flip, it’s time to get something off the punch list that has been there since “Blueprint” as this time Dirk plows Adam until both of sets of balls are empty.

[Watch Adam Ramzi & Dirk Caber in “Demolition” scene two]

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    1. A new Adam Ramzi scene and there you are with your same comments. You’re getting stale. What’s the matter – can’t find anything new from Jack or Max to troll?

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