adam ramzi dirk caber flip fuck

Is This The “Blueprint” Of A Perfect Flip?

We’ve seen Adam Ramzi and Dirk Caber enough separately to not need to see their scene together to imagine the whole thing, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

With no tie-in to current events or underlying messaging to our community, “Blueprint” has been one of TitanMen’s quieter films of late. It’s a lightly scripted story with unscripted sex realized with on-point casting that allows the performers — and their performances — to shine. Don’t put away those sunglasses; today it’s Adam Ramzi and Dirk Caber’s turn.

adam ramzi dirk caber flip fuck
In this latest installment of “Home Improvement” meets “Big Tool Time,” it’s plumber Dirk Caber and landscaper Adam Ramzi and we already know what kind of erecting happens on the job site today. But that’s all we know. Dirk Caber must have been saving these moves for a rainy day. Today Adam Ramzi became his rainmaker.

adam ramzi dirk caber flip fuck
I’m not sure what you call this, but sign me up.

This hands-free steady stab right to Adam’s prostate isn’t a one-time poke. He repeatedly jabs that ass like a hapless student nurse attempting his first blood-draw except he hits the spot every time.

But wait, there’s more. Adam rides Dirk with his cock going full helicopter before a flip that seemed to come out of nowhere. He doesn’t just pound the jizz out of Dirk as much as he sends that load for a joyride before adding his own to it. But look fast before he licks it up and feeds it back to Dirk.

[Watch Adam Ramzi and Dirk Caber in “Blueprint” scene three]

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