(matches up for both sidebars / newsletter etc. above)

NSOriginalVideoBanner | adrotate group="11"
Mode: Default, 300x250px

[adrotate group="11"]

SideBtmAdGroup1-300x100| adrotate group="12"
Mode: Default, 300x100px

[adrotate group="12"]

SideAdGroup1 | adrotate group="3"
Mode: Default, 160x600px
SideAdGroup2 | adrotate group="4"
Mode: Default, 160x600px

[adrotate group="3"]
[adrotate group="4"]

SideAdMidGroup 300x250 | adrotate group="16"
Mode: Default, 300x250px

[adrotate group="16"]

SideAdMidGroupTwo-300x250 | adrotate group="19"
Mode: Default, 300x250px

[adrotate group="19"]

SideAdGroup3 | adrotate group="5"
Mode: Default, 160x600px
SideAdGroup4 | adrotate group="6"
Mode: Default, 160x600px

[adrotate group="5"]
[adrotate group="6"]

SideBtmAdGroup2-300x250 | adrotate group="13"
Mode: Default, 300x250px

[adrotate group="13"]

SideAdBtm-TextArea | adrotate group="14"

[adrotate group="14"]

SideAdGroup5 | adrotate group="20"
Mode: Default, 160x600px
SideAdGroup6 | adrotate group="21"
Mode: Default, 160x600px

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[adrotate group="21"]

Landing Page - Top of sites

MainAdOne | adrotate group="2"
Mode: Dynamic (6 second rotation), 300x250px

[adrotate group="2"]

MainAdTwo | adrotate group="8"
Mode: Dynamic (6 second rotation), 300x250px

[adrotate group="8"]

MainAdThree | adrotate group="9"
Mode: Default, 160x600px

[adrotate group="9"]

MainAdFour | adrotate group="18"
Mode: Default, 250x250px

[adrotate group="8"]


Internal Inside Pages (there are A LOT of these - these are the ones we have used)

TopPageAd | adrotate group="7"
Mode: Default, 468x60px

[adrotate group="7"]

FooterBanner | adrotate group="10"
Mode: Default,600x150px

[adrotate group="10"]

Before Comments

PageBeforeComments | adrotate group="17"
Mode: Default, 600x160px

[adrotate group="17"]

Post Insert

PostInsert | adrotate group="15"
Mode: Default, 728x90px

[adrotate group="15"]