AHF’s New BFF: AFA’s Bryan Fischer

With news of another adult performer testing positive for HIV, Michael Weinstein’s AIDS Healthcare Foundation and its HIV-positive poster boy Derrick Burts seized the opportunity to push their pending legislation to make condoms in porn mandatory in L.A. County. And today, Weinstein and Burts have gained a strong ally and supporter of their cause in homophobic insane clown Bryan Fischer. Is this the best three-way ever?

Weinstein and AHF, whose Out Of The Closet gay thrift stores were actually selling bareback porn until The Sword exposed the hypocrisy earlier this year, have been calling for government control over the production of porn for years, and now with Fischer and the American Family Association’s endorsement of their plan, we see a hypothetical yet realistic extension of where their misguided efforts could lead. In agreeing with Burts, Weinstein, and AHF, Fischer writes that he’d also like to see fines for everyone–not just porn stars–who doesn’t use condoms.

A gay porn actor is way ahead of me, but I’m all caught up now. He wants to fine people who don’t use a condom when they have gay sex.

Now he wants to restrict the fine to people in the porn industry, but why stop there? If contracting HIV/AIDS is the threat to human health he says it is, why shouldn’t we try to protect everybody?

Derek Burts is an actor in both straight and gay porn films, and shut down the porn industry late last fall when he tested positive for HIV, which he says he almost certainly contracted while filming gay sex scenes.


Burts and others are now collecting signatures for a ballot initiative sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation which, if passed by voters in 2012, will require all performers in adult films shot in L.A. to wear condoms during filming, whether the sex is gay or straight. The only standards in place right now are strictly voluntary, and ask performers to be tested every 30 days.

The president of the foundation, one Michael Weinstein, says that not requiring gay porn actors to wear condoms shows “outrageous disregard for the health and safety of performers and the community at large.” So he too admits that gay sex is an enormous threat to public health, and that the threat is community-wide. In other words, he’s saying that homosexual sex, indeed random sex in general, is not a victimless crime. I couldn’t agree more. I feel like I’m listening to myself here.

Adds Weinstein, in words that could have come from one of my columns, “How many performers must become infected with HIV and other serious STDs before the industry will clean up its act and government will do the right thing?” How many, indeed?

I’ve repeatedly stressed that our best argument against the normalization of homosexuality is the enormous danger it poses to human health. It is so risky to public health that the FDA will not let a male donate blood if he’s had sex with another male even one single solitary time since 1977.

And lo and behold, Derek Burts agrees with me on the dangers of gay sex. “It’s very dangerous,” he says, speaking of filming gay sex scenes in particular. On top of contracting HIV, by the way, he also contracted chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes while working in the porn industry.

Now if condoms are going to be required in filming gay sex scenes, then there must be some penalty for failing to do so. I was unable to find out exactly what the proposed penalty is, but I’m assuming it’s in the nature of a fine.What I’m suggesting is that we enact ordinances in city after city and laws in state after state that mandate that same exact penalty — whatever penalty gay activists think is appropriate — for unprotected homosexual sex. Hey, if it’s good enough for porn stars, it should be good enough for the average gay man on the street.


Of course, this is just the place to begin, but it is a first step in de-normalizing and de-legitimizing homosexual sex. And the beauty here is that we would be following the lead of homosexual activists. We ought to take their advice in the simple interest of human health and out of concern for future possible HIV victims.

So oddly, I find myself in the same corner on this issue as gay porn stars. I’m willing to take their suggestion and apply it not just in L.A. but nationwide and not just for people who get paid to have sex but for every gay sex partner in the land. It’s not all we can do, but it’s the least we can do.

Weinstein, AHF, and Burts are no doubt thrilled to have someone with as large an audience as Fischer on their team. With Fischer promoting their shared ideology to a whole new segment of the population not necessarily familiar with gay porn and gay sex, maybe someone can come up with even more things to fine and/or make illegal?? Fischer and his followers have always had a thing for laws against the gays, including the outright criminalization of being gay, so these are fun people to have on your side! Actually, these are the perfect people for AHF and Weinstein to have on their side.



5 thoughts on “AHF’s New BFF: AFA’s Bryan Fischer”

  1. Life is full of choices and with those choices come consequences for making those choices. If you choose to have unsafe sex then you have to be prepared to suffer from the choice you made. I agree that porn companies should not allow unsafe sex on their sets, because all it does is promote the idea that it is ok to those unwilling to do the research. The way to get back at those porn companies only doing bareback sex is to say no to them and move on to another company willing to have you work for them in a safe environment. And the idea that a person falls on such hard times they feel that they have no other choice but to get paid for doing bareback sex is a cop out. Again it goes back to earlier point I was trying to make in another post. How much do you value your life? Unsafe sex is described that way for a reason and the key word to anyone willing to explore it should understand what unsafe really means.

  2. @Kenneth….after my own research and just happening to make a delivery of HIV meds to the model I thought and am now very sure I got it from…forgive me if I’ve changed my tune.

  3. Well I don’t support the theory that gay sex is so harmful to society as a whole by no means. But I do support all porn models straight or gay to wear condoms in all scenes period. The fact that these models have sex with multiple partners over a good amount of time makes sense to wear a condom, because lets face it there is always one in a bunch that makes everyone else look bad. If I were in porn today I would never trust the model that I worked with completely when it came to sex because that person could be the one person in the bunch. These guys have lives outside the porn industry and many are very young.
    We all know when we mix alchohol with young horny men they stop using the right head and in some cases forget to use condoms as well. So if you are out having sex with a guy off the set and then come on set and pass a test it doesn’t gaurantee that you didn’t catch something the night before. Doing barback makes no sense to me at all no matter with a women and or a man. Always use protection if you have any concern about your life and your partners life. As for the porn community I know there are still some sites that will not support unsafe sex but with the greed in the industry from owners to porn stars it is understandable to see a lot of sites promoting unsafe sex. Money has a way of doing that to people but a persons life should have much more value. This should be about promoting safe sex and not degrading the homsexual community for having sex. This in my opinion should be about having unprotected sex on set or off and not about attacking the gay porn industry.

  4. I swear to God…if I hear Burts’ name one more time in association with AHF I’m gunna go postal on someone. All the Wienstien is trying to do is make a buck. His “non-profit” is a huge fuckng joke, and so is Burts. If he caught it from porn…you’d be a richer man right now from the lawsuit…but wait…you were escorting on the side…so there’s plausible deniability. I think I got it from porn too, but you don’t see me jumping at the chance to make decisions for other people do you? How about you two just stick to trying to maybe support people trying to find a instead of parading yourselves at press conferences and making a mockery of the HIV Positive community.

    1. Weird, Ryan. In a Dec. 8 2010 post on Andy Kay’s site you commented, “I tried to blame my HIV on porn…and I’m sure now I got it off set…but I untimately had to accept my own actions and choices…which [Burts] needs to do as well.” Why are you suddenly thinking you got it on set again? Were you doing bareback scenes?

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